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Jail Records – Find Out If Someone Has Been In Jail

You may have already heard of the Freedom of Information Act and all that it entails, but did you also know that you can get information from your local courthouse’s jail records? This is a wonderful concept and it should definitely be utilized by everyone, but in the case of jail records you will need to make an application to get them. The process is not too difficult or time consuming, but it does require a little bit of knowledge on your part. It’s free, so why not give it a shot?

To begin, you will need to locate your local courthouse. You can do this by looking in your telephone book under “court records” or you can also check out the Internet and the World Wide Web. Once you find a courthouse in your area that provides these services, fill out the form with the information that you have available. Once you are approved to obtain the information, you will be given a copy of the actual paper where the jail records are located. You can then either use this to see if you can obtain any criminal records on the person or in whole.

Keep in mind that most counties now have websites where they post the criminal records databases. These sites do charge a fee for the information and once again, you must use a secure server to access it. If you can access the site, the database includes not just jail records, but also jail reports and inmate data. You can find this data online and it is fascinating to see what other public data there is out there that is completely free.

Now that you have the jail records, you will want to compare them against the person that you are investigating. Some people may attempt to hide their criminal background because they are afraid that someone is going to discover everything. You will not have any trouble tracking down any jail records that you need to check against the person you are searching for. In fact, most of the sites allow you to run a search right from their homepage. Once you get the results, you can see if there are any jail records listed for that person.

You can find out a lot more about a person than just the criminal record. The location where they were arrested and how they were charged could be listed as well. This could help lead you to some surprising discoveries. For example, if you were suspicious of a new neighbor, you may want to investigate further before inviting them to your home. Jail records are definitely something to take advantage of.

Once you have found the jail record that you are interested in, you may be able to print it out and keep it on hand in case you need it later. In addition, it is important to note that jail records are public record, which means that you can look them up online. Many times, you can find all kinds of public records online at no cost. If you are trying to find criminal records, these types of records are available to you for free.