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For some, access to jail records is a matter of public record; that is, they are available to any person who requests them through a Freedom of Information Act request. But other people may not be aware that the same records are maintained in two different places, and that the “public” jail records are actually held by the county that the crime was committed. If you are looking into a possible hire or maybe a nanny, and want to be sure that they have not been convicted of a sex offense, these records could be a valuable piece of information for you to have.

Access to jail records can be obtained from the circuit court of your area through a request through the Florida Department of Corrections. You may be required to show proof of your identification, but other than that, this type of information is considered public record. However, this information is limited to certain categories such as criminal offenses and sex offenses.

In Broward County, there are several different court houses that keep these records. To find out if the person you want to check up on has a criminal past, you will need to look at the Broward County Records of Criminal History. This is a searchable database that contains information regarding arrests and convictions of criminals, if they have ever been to jail, and their date of birth, if they have ever married, among other information. The online site is relatively easy to use, and the information is quite comprehensive.

The state of Florida, like all states, does not make it easy to access public records. Each county has its own rules when it comes to reporting, recording and handling the state’s public records. That is why most counties restrict the number of records that can be searched and examined. Also, the laws for searching these criminal records vary from one state to another, so you’ll have to check state laws to see if they are the same as for the county you are requesting records from.

Jail records can tell you a lot. For example, if you need to hire a new employee, or a nanny, you may want to know if they have a criminal record. It doesn’t matter what kind of criminal record you are looking for, a free online database that provides this information is a valuable resource. There is no reason to pay for records that are public, and certainly no reason to jeopardize the safety of yourself, your family and your business.

By taking advantage of the internet, you can now access hundreds of millions of court cases, arrest warrants, jail records and other public records. You can search by name or case type, which is very convenient. You can also access many other public records, such as birth and death records. You will get instant results, which will save you time and money. No one should have to spend hours searching for their own jail records.