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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(84)Tolland County Jails & Prisons
Bergin Correctional Institution251 Middle TurnpikeMansfield CenterCT06268860-487-2712
Tolland County Jails & Prisons
Brooklyn Correctional Institution251 Middle TurnpikeMansfield CenterCT06268860-779-4500
Northern Correctional InstitutionPO Box 665SomersCT06071860-763-8600
Northern Correctional Institution287 Bilton RoadSomersCT06071860-763-8600
Osborn Correctional Institution335 Bilton RoadSomersCT06071860-814-4600
Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution391 Shaker RoadEnfieldCT06082860-763-6100
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Jail Records – Jail Time Records

Searching for information about someone’s jail records in Tolland County, Connecticut is not an easy job. Most of the information regarding jail or prison records is private and is kept confidential. If you are looking for someone’s jail records in Tolland County, the best place to start your search is the county courthouse in your area.

Most of the information regarding jail or prison records is found in the’Corrections’ department of the county. These records are kept there, and are usually easy to find because they are stored in the same database as the birth and death records for all the residents of the state. There are various search directories that can help you find these records, but the quality of the information is very poor, so it is recommended that you use a paid site for this type of search.

You will be able to find the following information about someone’s jail history in Tolland County, Connecticut. You will be able to get his total incarceration time, if he has been in jail or has been released, how many times he was incarcerated, his inmate number, when he was arrested, whether he was convicted of a crime, and other information about him. You will also be able to see if he has ever been declared mentally incompetent, and if so, what action was taken. Some of the records available on this site contain a lot of personal information about the person, such as his birth date, married name and location, date of birth, social security number, telephone number and others. If you are looking for any public records regarding a person in this state, such as birth records, marriage licenses, etc., you will probably have to pay a fee to access them.

When you use the Internet to search for someone’s records, you will probably run into several sites offering free searches. They claim that their database contains millions of records. However, this is highly unlikely, as anyone who owns a public record database will tell you. Of course, you could get lucky and find something useful, but chances are you will not. The best way to find out the information you want is to pay a one time small fee to one of the established online records search sites and receive unlimited access for a year.

There are two main categories of criminal background checks available. The first category is for basic information only, such as what crime they were arrested for and their exact charges. These searches usually provide the city and state of residence of the individual. The second category is for more detailed information such as sexual offenses, conviction records, marriage records, and others.

Jail records are often used to determine eligibility for jobs, to stop repeat offenders from living in the community, and even to check out potential date potentials. Jail records are considered public record, so most employers can now use a inmate search to find out about a potential employee. Criminal background checks can help protect your children and yourself as well, by letting you know if someone living or working with you has a criminal record. There are many reasons to conduct a jail records search, but two stand out as being the most important. And if you are not sure about something in your past, it pays to know before getting to late.