Sutton County Texas Court Records

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Accessing Court Records in Sutton County Texas

If you are looking for a public record, such as a criminal conviction, you can access Sutton County court records through a variety of ways. For instance, you can search Sutton County traffic accidents online to see what was argued during the traffic accident. Or, you can look up Sutton County divorce records to see who sued whom, and how much they paid in the divorce process. The Texas Civil Courts also keep records of adoption and divorce, as well as bankruptcy, probate, and tax court cases. If you live in Sutton, Texas, you should visit the website of the Fourth Judicial District Court to get all the information you need.

Sutton County has land records online from 1992 to the present. To obtain the documents, you will need to register with iDoc Market, which is available to the public at no cost. You will need to bring photo ID to prove your identity, but most staff will assist you in finding the necessary materials. There are also subscription options and shorter-term Day Passes available, as well. However, you should note that iDoc Market will charge you for any printouts you make.

Sutton County has three courts, one for each jurisdiction. The judge presides over a five-member commissioners court. The county clerk has administrative and budgetary authority over county government operations. The courthouse is located in Sonora. Sutton County has a variety of courthouses. Find out if there is one located in your area. There are many different types of public records in Sutton County, so make sure you do your research before requesting a copy of any documents.

Sutton County Texas public records are available online as well. A search on the official website of the county’s District & City Court will yield results for the court’s vital records. The courthouse also provides access to court dockets and the sex offender registry. You can access these files online from 1992 to the present. If you are looking for a marriage license in Sutton County, you can view the corresponding court documents in the iDocMarket. It requires a photo ID, but you can print the documents you need. It also tracks the prints you make and charges you on your credit card.

The Clerk’s office does not provide research for court records. The staff will assist you in finding the material you are seeking, but you are responsible for doing your own homework. The following dates are the dates of the Sutton county land and vital records. The earliest registration was usually listed first. This does not mean that there are a lot of records for a particular year, nor does it mean that the documents were filed all at the same time.