Floyd County Kentucky Court Records

Court Records

Court Records in Floyd County, Kentucky

If you want to look up the court records for Floyd County, Kentucky, you can visit the county’s courthouse and view the documents for any case. There are many ways to find this information, including searching through a local library, family history center, or courthouse. Public records in Floyd County can include deeds, mortgages, judgments, birth, death, and marriage records. There are also various public records for the county, including marriage licenses, traffic violations, and voter registrar.

The courthouse in Floyd County is closed on Fridays, because of COVID-19 cases. The clerk’s office is open to drive-through service, but the attorney’s and PVA’s offices are only open by appointment. If you’re looking for the Sheriff’s office, you can stop by their office for a tax return or other concerns. The back entrance is used to enter the building. The judge’s office is also open to foot traffic, but prefers appointments.

There are 5 clerks’ offices in Floyd County, Kentucky. The county seat is Prestonburg. It is located in District 31 of the 60th circuit in the United States. The following are the names and contact information for these courts. Please note that this list is not comprehensive. If you need help, call the clerk’s office. They’ll be happy to help you! The office will also provide you with an overview of local court procedures and hours.

The Courthouse in Floyd County is closed on Fridays for COVID-19 cases. You may need to make an appointment if you want to visit them. You can visit the Courthouse via drive-through service. The PVA and attorney’s offices are available by appointment only. The county sheriff’s office is still open for business, but you must enter through the back door. The judge’s office is open for foot traffic, but they prefer appointments for more complicated matters.

The Clerk’s Office is an important office in the county. They are responsible for maintaining public records, providing access to the public, and supporting the elections process. Their duties are governed by Kentucky state statutes and ordinances and are subject to change. It is important to remember that the Clerk’s Offices are not centralized, which is why they are not the best places to look for court records in Floyd County.

The clerk’s office in Floyd County is located in Prestonburg. The office is open Monday through Friday. You may have to make an appointment if you need to search public records in Floyd County. The clerk’s office is the only office in the county that is open on Fridays. The Clerk’s office is one of the most important offices in Floyd County. It is responsible for the maintenance of public records in the county.