Grundy County Iowa Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(422)Grundy County Court Records Offices
Grundy Center County Treasurer's Office706 G AvenueGrundy CenterIA50638319-824-3132
Grundy County Court Records Offices
Grundy Center District Court706 G AvenueGrundy CenterIA50638319-824-5229
Grundy County District AttorneyPO Box 365Grundy CenterIA50638319-824-6954
Grundy County Court Records Databases
Grundy County Accident Reports
Grundy County Child Support Warrants
Grundy County Court Records
Grundy County Courthouse Website
Grundy County Criminal Records
Grundy County Probate Records
Grundy County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment
Grundy County Court Jury Duty Information
Grundy County Jury Duty RequirementsConvicted Felons DisqualifiedYesIA
Grundy County Jury Duty RequirementsEnglish RequiredYesIA
Grundy County Jury Duty RequirementsResidency RequirementCounty Resident: 30 DaysIA
Grundy County Jury Duty RequirementsMinimum Age18IA
Grundy County Jury Duty RequirementsTime Since Prior Jury ServiceNo more than 3 months in past 2 yearsIA

Searching Court Records in Grundy County

When you need to locate Court Records in Grundy County Iowa, you will want to use your favorite search engine to find what you are looking for. Using this method should help you find what you need and it is fast. When you visit their website, you will be asked to put in some basic information about the person of interest. When you have put this information in, you can find what you need. If you have any additional information or details, you can enter them here as well. This will help you narrow down your results, which in turn makes your search much easier on your end.

Court Records in Grundy County is extensive. It consists of all civil and criminal cases that have been handled in this county during the time that it has been legal. The very first case that you will want to search through is that of James Denton. This was the judge that convicted him of manslaughter. If you do not know the information on this judge, it might be helpful to you to contact a local courthouse to see if they have this information on hand or if you can conduct a search directly from their website.

Once you have conducted your search, you will need to review the results. What you will be looking for is the docket dates. This will allow you to know which cases were filed and which were settled. If you are having a hard time locating this information, you can utilize the dockets search tool. This will help you narrow down your results to the specific dates. You can then use this to see who has been assigned a case and who has been assigned to work that case.

The case numbers that you will be interested in reviewing come along with the dockets. The information includes the name of the individual, the nature of the crime, the victim and any witnesses. You may also be able to obtain other pertinent information such as the location of the incident and the medical history of the victim. If you want a more comprehensive background check, you can also look up the place where the defendant went to school or their place of employment. These pieces of information may be more detailed than the ones listed above.

To get a more in-depth view of the individuals court records in Grundy County, Iowa, you can also utilize a county-by-county search. This way, you will be able to search for all courts in each county that you are interested in. This can help you learn more about the people in your community. You can learn their names and where they live.

If you are looking to perform your own search online, you should note that there are many commercial services available. However, it is critical to make sure that you are using a reputable and properly-maintained service. Most commercial services are relatively inexpensive. This will give you the peace of mind that you are conducting the right type of search. A good quality background search in Grundy County Iowa can reveal personal records, criminal arrest warrants, marriages, divorce filings and more.