Clarke County Alabama Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(115)Clarke County Courts
Clarke County District Court114 Court StreetGrove HillAL36451251-275-3363
Clarke County Courts
Coffeeville Courthouse160 River StreetCoffeevilleAL36524251-276-3266
Fulton CourthouseNortheast Main StreetFultonAL36446334-636-9527
Grove Hill Courthouse111 Church StreetGrove HillAL36451251-275-3153
Jackson Courthouse126 College AvenueJacksonAL36545251-246-5589
Thomasville Courthouse137 Adams AvenueThomasvilleAL36784334-637-3353
Clarke County District Attorney Office
District Attorney Office114 Court StreetGrove HillAL36451251-275-3144
Clarke County DMVs
Clarke County Tag & Title Office117 Court StreetGrove HillAL36451251-275-4141
Grove Hill Driver's License Office146 Clark StreetGrove HillAL36451251-275-4351
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Court Records In Clarke County, Alabama

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