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Warrant Records

What are Warrant Records? Warrant Records are legal documents that grant permission or “warrant” to a government agency for a person or group of people to have unfettered access to a particular area or specific item. In this instance, the government may be able to grant permission for the use of a person’s private property to allow surveillance or observation of the individual in question. This may include the individual’s home, car, boat, planes, trailers, tents, business, equipment, inventory, library or other items.

Warrant Records are created in two different ways. First, they may be created by applying through a federal, state or county government agency and seeking a court signature. Second, they may be created directly by a person or his or her name and a signature as well. Either way, the records are recorded on an individual’s name and are filed in the proper location as outlined by the law. One example is when someone applies for a federal job and has a criminal record, the applicant can expect to have his or her records filed in the proper place with the Department of Labor and then released to the applicant upon approval of the application.

The actual legal document that creates a Warrant is called an Indictment. An Indictment may be filed by any member of the United States military who considers the individual guilty of a crime he is accused of committing. Members of the military serve in several different capacities such as guard, courier, camp guard, construction worker, airman and medic. When serving in any capacity for the US military, an Indictment may be issued against any person for any type of crime committed during or in advance of service.

Warrant Records also can be created in a criminal proceeding. A Warrant of Indictment can be granted by a judge or a jury. If convicted, a person’s name will be listed on the jury’s bench warrant and his or her records will be forwarded to the FBI’s central record database. This information will become part of their file.

For many people, the most important purpose of searching through their Warrant Records is to find out if someone was employed by another person while they were under an aliases. Another use is to find out more about a person who left town without a specified destination. Warrant records provide the information you need to locate that person. By performing a nationwide search, you can learn not only the current address of the person but where he or she has lived in the past and how long he or she has lived there. Performing a nationwide search can reveal a person’s criminal record, civil record, warrant records, etc.

In the case of child support, these records can prove helpful as they are usually kept by the custodial parent. By performing a nationwide search, one can gain access to the financial records of a person. In many cases, an applicant will be required to submit proof that they are employed in order to search through the person’s records. To learn more about a person’s history, simply perform a background check online.