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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(821)Fayette County Police Departments
Fayetteville Police Department125 North Court StreetFayettevilleWV25840304-574-0255
Fayette County Police Departments
Ansted Police Department104 Cemetery StreetAnstedWV25812304-658-4666
Gauley Bridge Police DepartmentMain StreetGauley BridgeWV25085304-632-2504
Montgomery Police Department706 Third AvenueMontgomeryWV25136304-442-4939
Mount Hope Police Department609 Main StreetMount HopeWV25880304-877-6661
Oak Hill Police Department100 Kelly AvenueOak HillWV25901304-465-0596
Smithers Police Department175 Michigan AvenueMontgomeryWV25136304-442-5296
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Gauley Bridge DetachmentU.s. 60Gauley BridgeWV25085304-779-2161
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Oak Hill Detachment1853 Main Street EastOak HillWV25901304-469-2915
West Virginia University Institute Of Technology Campus Police405 Fayette PikeMontgomeryWV25136304-442-3313
Fayette County Sheriff Departments
Fayette County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 509FayettevilleWV25840304-574-4304
Fayette County Sheriffs Department100 North Court StreetFayettevilleWV25840304-574-4304
Fayette County Sheriffs Office - Danese Detachment100 Church StreetFayettevilleWV25840304-438-8800
Fayette County Sheriffs Office - Smithers DetachmentMichigan AvenueSmithersWV25186304-442-4888
Fayette County Probation Department
Fayette County Probation Department100 North Court StreetFayettevilleWV25840304-574-4208
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Fayette County Criminal Records
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Fayette County Sex Offender Registry
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