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(1997)Upton County Criminal Records & Warrants Office
Upton County Sheriff Office / Upton County Jail1106 Grand StreetRankinTX79778432-693-2422
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Warrant Records Online – Where to Search Free of Charge

Warrant Records are a very important part of Texas law. In Texas they have been called, “The Queen of the White Pages”. The state of Texas maintains a large database that contains all kinds of public information on arrests and convictions for criminal activities. To be more specific, Texas Vital Records searches include information from an individual’s arrest and booking records through time, but do not include records for minor offenses like trespassing. Warrant Records in Upton County, Texas are similar to other state vital records databases. Records are retained for up to ten years unless it is determined by a court order that the information should be expunged, in which case it will be destroyed.

If you are looking for information about a person’s criminal past, you can search Texas Vital Records by using their Online inmate locator. Using this tool, you can find out the inmate’s inmate number or name, the crime for which they were convicted, their date of incarceration, birth date, social security number, and where they were assigned to. You can also search and locate birth, death and marriage records. These records are maintained in the same database as marriage and death records.

You can also perform a criminal background search using the same resources. You can obtain a list of felonies and other criminal charges by using a state’s prison locator. If a person has been convicted of one crime in two or more separate proceedings, then their records may be included. If a person has been convicted of capital offenses such as murder and rape, their records may be expunged. If your investigation leads you to suspect someone of criminal activity, you can search the county courthouse or the police station where the offense occurred for more detailed information.

For an inexpensive and fast search, there are several commercial services available online. There are two basic options: You can pay to search through hundreds of records at once or you can perform your search individually. Some sites allow you to perform an unlimited number of searches while others charge a nominal fee. The services that charge a fee have access to millions of records. The more expensive services generally provide more detailed and up-to-date results than do those that charge a low per-search charge.

Most warrant records can be accessed by the public. Because warrants are public records, most local courthouses will maintain searchable records of warrants. These courthouses are updated and maintained on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific individual, such as a sex offender, you may be able to find out information about their warrant records.

If you have questions about whether your searches are public record or not, you may be able to contact the court that issued the warrant. They should be able to tell you what records are public record and what are not. This information should be readily available to anyone who requests it. However, if you are interested in information for a particular purpose such as a sexual offender search, you may want to conduct your search free of charge online.