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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1992)Tom Green County Police Departments
Angelo State University Police Department1702 West Avenue NSan AngeloTX76901325-942-2071
Tom Green County Police Departments
San Angelo City Marshals Office110 South Emerick StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-657-4368
San Angelo Independent School District Police Department1621 University AvenueSan AngeloTX76904325-947-3700
San Angelo Lake And Park Police Department8618 Terminal CircleSan AngeloTX76904325-481-2617
San Angelo Police Department401 East Beauregard AvenueSan AngeloTX76903325-657-4336
San Angelo Regional Airport Police Department8618 Terminal CircleSan AngeloTX76904325-659-6657
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 4 District B Sergeant 0 Area 81600 Texas 306 LoopSan AngeloTX76905325-223-6555
Tom Green County Sheriff Department
Tom Green County Sheriffs Office222 West Harris AvenueSan AngeloTX76903325-655-8111
Tom Green County FBI Office
San Angelo Texas FBI Office3471 Knickerbocker RoadSan AngeloTX76904325-942-8588
Tom Green County Probation Departments
Tom Green County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Coke County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Concho County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Irion County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Runnels County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Schleicher County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
Sterling County Probation Department1253 West 19th StreetSan AngeloTX76903325-655-2323
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Searching For Warrant Records

If you are looking for Texas public records, then you have come to the right place. In fact, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) holds a database of warrants that have been issued in the state. Most warrant applications are approved before being presented for processing. But if there are any problems and the warrant is not approved, your request may still be processed but the turnaround time will vary. Here are some important steps that you should follow when requesting for warrants in Tom Green County:

A warrant is an authority granted by a judge to any person, for the reason that the judge believes that the person has committed a crime. Before a warrant is approved, there are several requirements that the person must fulfill such as showing that they are eighteen years of age or older, be a citizen of the United States and that they are not in the unlawful country of either Mexico, Canada or Mexico without a valid reason. The warrant will also show that they have not been convicted of a crime of any sort.

To get an approved application, one has to follow the court proceedings that involve a person’s application. If the person meets the above mentioned requirements and shows that they are innocent then the court will decide in favor of the applicant. Once the court accepts the evidence, the document will be recorded. The person will then be informed by the courts office regarding their arrest and criminal records. Criminal records include information on arrests, convictions, misdemeanors, judgments, jail time and all other civil cases.

It is advisable to obtain your criminal records from DPS instead of from the local police department because with DPS your information is confidential. Another thing that you should remember is that there are various records available. They include arrest warrant, federal criminal records, warrant of arrests, fugitive recovery, sex offender records, name search, sex offender search, nanny background check, and more. All these records can be obtained from DPS. You will only have to fill in a simple form to access all these documents.

When you are investigating a person, you need to first find out if there is a warrant out for their arrest. You can do this by calling your local courthouse or contacting them online. From there, you will have to fill in the necessary information that pertains to that person. Some documents such as the person’s social security number may need to be verified before an application can be approved. After you have all the necessary information, the DPS will send you the documents that you need to process for the arrest warrant.

Warrant of arrest is a very serious matter. It can serve as a permanent record in a person’s file. Once an individual gets a warrant, he is not allowed to conduct any bank transactions or open any credit accounts under his name. Furthermore, a person who is arrested will be kept in jail under guard. These warrant records are used as a tool to help the police with solving crimes.