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Overview Of Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most important public records maintained by the government. It is essentially a government record that contains all warrants that have been “ordered out” or ” revoked.” Warrant Records in Clark County, South Dakota are maintained by the Criminal Records Division of the Court of Appeals of South Dakota. In addition to containing warrants, it also holds arrests and court judgments that were made by local or federal law enforcement agencies. Additionally, it holds all sex offenders records as well as inmate records for the various correctional facilities located throughout the state of South Dakota (listed above).

Warrant Records in Clark County are kept in the County Court Record Room, which is located in the basement of the courthouse. All warrants must be executed outside of the courtroom. This is because an arrest warrant can only be signed if the person signing does not reside in the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued. For example, if an individual was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska, and wanted to go into custody in Clark County, they would need to go through the Omaha City Police station and sign paper arrest warrants prior to leaving the state. Likewise, if an individual was arrested in Rapid City, South Dakota and wanted to go into custody in Clark County, they would need to go through the Rapid City Police Station and sign paper warrant applications prior to exiting the state. An out of state warrant can only be executed in the state where the crime was committed.

Warrant Records are used for a wide variety of purposes. Most commonly, they are used to find individuals with outstanding warrants for their arrest. By putting a name with a warrant in the public domain, it is possible to find any and all criminal activity that took place under the individual’s name. These records can help to catch people in the act of committing crimes, to locate missing persons and to locate old friends or relatives. This information can also be used for employment purposes to make sure the right person is hired and to check up on individuals who may be a potential danger to others.

Warrant Records can even be used to track down missing persons. A case in point would be if an individual had a loved one go missing. By putting the person’s name into a public record database, anyone who has knowledge of the situation can be notified. Depending on the circumstances of a missing person, this could mean the return of the missing person or it could simply mean that the individual has been found and is in the custody of law enforcement officials.

Performing a background check on an individual using a warrant is easy. There are several online search engines that allow a person to run a warrant record search through their website. Prior to signing up with these sites, an individual should ensure that the site is reliable. Some sites will sell information that could be inaccurate such as a person’s court record. Additionally, an individual should choose sites that allow them to run unlimited searches to ensure that they are only searching for the information they need.

Warrant records can protect a person’s civil rights as well as their standing in society. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is always a good idea to investigate your options to find out if you are under arrest or not. Doing this can prevent an unnecessary level of exposure to being a criminal as well as the unnecessary time and expense of having to hire a lawyer.