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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1586)Harper County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Harper County Sheriffs Office / Harper County Jail311 Southeast 1st StreetBuffaloOK73834580-735-2213
Harper County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Buffalo Police Department610 North Hoy StreetBuffaloOK73834580-735-2521
Laverne Police Department115 Ohio AvenueLaverneOK73848580-921-3311
Harper County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Harper County Sheriff Website
Harper County Sheriff's Office Website

How to Look Up Warrant Records in Harper County Oklahoma

Warrant records are kept in two places. One place is in the county where the arrest and subsequent arrest of the individual happened. The other place is in the county where the warrant was served. If the person did not have a lawyer present when the warrant was issued, they can challenge its validity in court. If it is found valid, then the record will be sealed and nobody will have any knowledge of it.

There are some common mistakes made when people try to access these records. A common mistake is putting the person’s full name with the name of the jurisdiction. For instance, if the person was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the name that is written on the warrant will be Tulsa. If the person were arrested in Calgary, Alberta, the name that is written on the warrant will be Calgary. This can cause problems in that the jurisdiction that the warrant was executed under is not the same jurisdiction that the person is being held in.

Another common error that is made is putting the last name of the person with the name of the jurisdiction together. Doing this can cause a problem. For instance, if the person’s name is Markham, they could still have a mark for Calgary, Alberta even though they live in Oklahoma. By simply writing Markham Oklahoma on the warrant, it can be confused with another jurisdiction.

When it comes to a person’s address, the information is a lot more accurate than it used to be. Before the Internet, there used to be a limit to how far away someone could be for getting their address. With the technology of the Web, a person can simply use their name and their date of birth to search for someone else. If the person’s date of birth is prior to 2021, the person’s address information is considered to be somewhat inaccurate. However, it is still worth the extra effort to try and find the address of someone else.

To get a good grasp on how to look up warrant records in Oklahoma, you will need to find a website that has access to lots of databases. A free website may not have all the data you need, and a paid website will have more detailed data. The database of a state’s records can be extremely large depending on the jurisdiction. If you want to know a person’s warrant records in Oklahoma, you will need to look for a website that has access to lots of local databases.

Warrant records are public record in many jurisdictions, including Oklahoma. If you would like to look up someone’s background records or arrest records, you should know that they are available online. There are websites that offer access to national as well as international criminal records, police records, and marriage records among other information. Searching for this type of information is relatively simple because you can either use the name of the person or the address to locate them online.