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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2075)Herkimer County Police Departments
Herkimer County Community College - Campus Safety100 Reservoir RoadHerkimerNY13350315-866-0300
Herkimer County Police Departments
Herkimer Village Police Department120 Green StreetHerkimerNY13350315-866-4330
New York State Police Troop D Zone 1 - Herkimer126 Gros BoulevardHerkimerNY13350315-866-7111
Dolgeville Village Police Department41 North Main StreetDolgevilleNY13329315-429-8183
Frankfort Town Police Department140 South Litchfield StreetFrankfortNY13340315-894-3594
Frankfort Village Police Department110 Railroad StreetFrankfortNY13340315-895-7566
Ilion Village Police Department55 First StreetIlionNY13357315-894-9911
Little Falls City Police Department659 East Main StreetLittle FallsNY13365315-823-1123
Mohawk Village Police Department28 Columbia StreetMohawkNY13407315-866-3492
New York State Police Troop D Zone 1 - Old Forge3139 New York 28Old ForgeNY13420315-369-3322
New York State Police Troop D Zone 1 - Poland11 Case StreetPolandNY13431315-826-7276
New York State Police Troop D Zone 1 - West Winfield179 South StreetWest WinfieldNY13491315-822-6755
Webb Town Police Department3139 New York 28Old ForgeNY13420315-369-6515
Herkimer County Sheriff Department
Herkimer County Sheriffs Office320 North Main StreetHerkimerNY13350315-867-1167
Herkimer County Probation Department
Herkimer County Probation Department109 Mary StreetHerkimerNY13350315-867-1158
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Herkimer County, New York are basically warrants that have been written of an individual who has failed to appear at his court date. Most often these are issued when a person fails to pay money bill or some other type of debt. This is considered as a failure to appear and this will result in a warrant being put out for the person. If they fail to show up at their court date, this warrant will now be a part of their permanent record and will remain until it is removed by the courts.

These are records that can be used for many different purposes. They can be used to track down someone that has skipped out of court and will no longer be in trouble with the court. Another example is if a person has been arrested for suspicion of selling drugs. This warrant will prove that they were actually doing what they were accused of and the evidence was actually planted. Warrant records are a necessary component of our legal system and can help to keep individuals safe from any legal troubles that may arise in the future.

These records are also extremely useful when it comes to hiring new employees. Many employers prefer to hire people that have a clean record and do not have any warrants out for their arrest. To check if a potential employee has a warrant, one can fill out an application that will give the courts an idea of the person’s background. This information is then cross-checked with the state’s records to see if there are any warrants out for the person’s arrest. If so, this will eliminate any chance of the potential employee being able to obtain a job.

It is also possible for a person that is accused of a crime to have a warrant out for their arrest. In this case, the warrants will state the reason why the person is being held without bail. For example, if a person was arrested for suspicion of stealing a vehicle, then the warrant would state that they were suspected of theft by an officer of the law.

These records can also be useful when it comes to civil litigation. If a person suspects another person of lying or doing something illegal, then they can use the records to get more information about that person. For example, if a person is suing another person over a personal injury, then they can check to see if the person has a warrant out for their arrest. In many instances, the person who is suing will be able to get the evidence they need to have a strong case against their opponent. Warrant records are a necessary part of the judicial process.

The reasons that someone might want to look up the warrant records of another person is as varied as the situations that require access to them. Some people simply want to know if a friend has been taken into custody without a warrant when they were abroad. Others want to find out if a person they know has been arrested for some type of crime. Yet others want to know whether or not a person has a warrant out for their own arrest. Whatever the case may be, everyone has the right to view and search the warrant database to find out if there is anything about a certain individual that would raise red flags. It’s just another way to make sure that everything is legally appropriate with one’s self and one’s property.