Hunterdon County New Jersey Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2125)Hunterdon County Police Departments
Hunterdon County Department Of Corrections71 Park AvenueFlemingtonNJ08822908-788-1184
Hunterdon County Police Departments
Hunterdon County Park Rangers Department1020 New Jersey 31LebanonNJ08833908-782-1158
Hunterdon County Prosecutors Office - Investigative Division65 Park AvenueFlemingtonNJ08822908-788-1129
Clinton Police Department43 Leigh StreetClintonNJ08809908-735-2665
Clinton Township Police Department1370 New Jersey 31AnnandaleNJ08801908-735-6000
Delaware Township Police Department - Headquarters816 Sergeantsville RoadStocktonNJ08559609-397-8189
Edna Mahan Correctional Facility For Women30 County Road 513ClintonNJ08809908-735-7111
Flemington Borough Police Department100 Main StreetFlemingtonNJ08822908-782-3434
Franklin Township Police Department202 Sidney RoadFranklinNJ08867908-782-9594
Frenchtown Borough Police27 2nd StreetFrenchtownNJ08825908-996-4820
High Bridge Police Department99 West Main StreetHigh BridgeNJ08829908-638-6500
Holland Township Police Department61 Church RoadMilfordNJ08848908-995-4670
Lambertville Police Department349 North Main StreetLambertvilleNJ08530609-397-3132
Lebanon Township Police Department530 West Hill RoadGlen GardnerNJ08826908-638-8515
Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility31 Petticoat LaneAnnandaleNJ08801908-638-6191
New Jersey State Police Troop B - Perryville Station90 New Jersey 173HamptonNJ08827908-730-7042
New Jersey State Police Troop C - Kingwood Station945 New Jersey 12FrenchtownNJ08825908-996-2864
Raritan Township Police Department2 Municipal DriveFlemingtonNJ08822908-782-8889
Readington Township Police Department507 County Road 523ReadingtonNJ08889908-534-4031
Tewksbury Township Police Department167 Old Turnpike RoadTewksburyNJ07830908-439-3477
West Amwell Township Police Department24 Mount Airy Village RoadLambertvilleNJ08530609-397-1100
Hunterdon County Sheriff Department
Hunterdon County Sheriffs Office8 Court StreetFlemingtonNJ08822908-788-1166
Hunterdon County Probation Department
Hunterdon County Probation Department65 Park AvenueFlemingtonNJ08822908-237-5900
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How Do I Search For Warrants?

Warrant Records in Hunterdon County New Jersey are considered to be public information and they are filed with the county where the warrant was issued. It is very important that you know what these records say as there can be serious consequences if you are not very clear with what is contained within them. In some cases, these records may contain personal or even legal information that would have an impact on your life if you were to be arrested for a warrant. While warrants are not supposed to be an issue, many people do end up with one after not following the law.

You should know that arrest warrants are issued for a period of time and are only valid for a specific amount of time. If the warrant is not processed, then it will automatically expire. It is very important that you follow the laws in this state regarding warrants and how they affect you. For example, if you are arrested for suspicion of domestic violence, then it would be very serious to have a domestic violence attorney represent you. This would not only show that they are aware of your rights, but also that they are highly skilled at defending them.

As soon as the arrest is made, there is a 90 day period during which the criminal charges can be contested by you. After the initial arrest takes place, the police can continue to check for other criminal records. If there are any, then they will be filed in the appropriate division of the court. This would involve the recording of the criminal complaint and any follow up charges.

When there is a criminal complaint then it can lead to several warrant records being recorded within the county courts. These warrant records are then used as evidence against you if you are ever tried for a crime. These criminal warrant records would show that you were convicted of a crime, even if you were not arrested for it. These warrants are used as proof against you during any court proceedings, and these record cannot be sealed or canceled.

In the event that a warrant is actually found, then the courts will perform an automatic search to see if the warrant is valid. If it is then a warrant of arrest will be issued. From here you will have to go before a judge and explain to him/her that you do not understand what is going on, and you want the records sealed. The judge will then grant your request, however there is no guarantee that they will actually do this. There are very few times that a criminal record can be expunged or destroyed, because they can only be destroyed or expunged with a special court order after the person has served the required amount of time.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome then you can appeal the court to set a new date for the search. During this appeal process you will be able to present your reason as to why the warrant should be dismissed. Your request to dismiss the arrest will not hold up in court, unless there are errors on the part of the arresting officer. You will have to prove that there is a good reason why the warrant was not carried out.