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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2668)Pulaski County Police Departments
Burnside Police Department7933 South Highway 27SomersetKY42501606-561-3405
Pulaski County Police Departments
Eubank Police Department375 Bulldog StreetEubankKY42567606-679-3200
Ferguson Police Department404 Murphy AvenueFergusonKY42533606-679-6800
Police Department400 East Mount Vernon StreetSomersetKY42501606-678-5176
Science Hill Police Department217 West Langdon RoadScience HillKY42553606-423-3672
Somerset Police Department306 East Mount Vernon StreetSomersetKY42501606-678-5176
Pulaski County Sheriff Department
Pulaski County Sheriff100 North Main StreetSomersetKY42501606-678-5145
Pulaski County Probation Department
Pulaski County Probation Department650 North Main StreetSomersetKY42501606-677-4026
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How to Obtain Warrants Online

Warrant Records in Pulaski County, Kentucky, are a collection of criminal, arrest and court records. These records are compiled by the Kentucky State Troopers, and are now available to the public through the Kentucky State Police. The courts of law in Kentucky also have authority over the records and have published them in an open format.

Searching for Wartime Warrant Records in Pulaski County is simple. If you have a person’s name, you can run a name search by typing their name into any web browser. If you do not know the person’s name, you can search using the person’s middle name or maiden name. If you have a person’s date of birth, you will have more luck searching for their records.

In order to search and find out a person’s warrant information in Pulaski County, Kentucky, you will need to be aware of the requirements for searching such records. First of all, you must personally know the person in question. To perform a background check, you will need a full name and current address of the person. You will need to contact the local courthouse in the county where the person lives, in order to obtain this information. This can be done by visiting the court house, making a visit or mailing a written request.

Once you have obtained a person’s records from the courthouse in Pulaski County, Kentucky, you may need to pay a nominal fee before you can use the information on the records. In some instances, you may need to provide additional information, such as social security number, driver’s license number or employment history. To perform the search quickly, you may want to get someone else to assist you. However, if you are able to find the person’s information online, you will save a lot of time and money.

Before you are able to obtain the records of a person, you must first ask for a copy of their police arrest record. If they have a good police arrest record, it will be in the public record databases. However, if the record is bad, it may not be found. Therefore, you need to be very careful with the type of information you are seeking and the location in which you are searching. You do not want to have a warrant out for your arrest!

For warrant records you are able to obtain, you will need the person’s first and last name, any aliases the person uses, their address and telephone number, and sometimes other personal information about them. The cost varies, depending on the type of information you are requesting. For example, if you just want the person’s place of employment, it may cost less than obtaining records relating to other person. To retrieve these records, you may visit the official government website or an online records provider. Most providers charge fees, but the records are fast and easy to obtain.