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Decatur County Sheriffs Office / Decatur County Jail120 East Hall StreetOberlinKS67749785-475-8100
Oberlin Police Department107 West Commercial StreetOberlinKS67749785-475-2622
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Warrant Records For Your Criminal Record

Warrant records in Decatur County, Kansas, are one of the most commonly searched types of public records. You can find them in the Record Search Center under the publications office in Topeka. These records list out any warrants for arrests that have been issued in the county, including minor traffic offenses and felonies. You can find out if someone you know has a criminal record by searching for their name using the online docketing site.

A warrant is a formal charge against a person for an alleged crime. The arrest warrant says that a specified person committed a crime against a jurisdiction, and the authorities have all the rights to apprehend and hold that person in jail until the trial is over. In some jurisdictions, there is no necessity for fingerprints to be submitted when applying for a copy of a criminal record. This means that you don’t have to worry about submitting your fingerprints or waiting to get them because the person you want to look up has an outstanding arrest warrant. If that person refuses to give his or her fingerprints, you won’t be able to find out who they are or where they live.

When you want to do a criminal record check on another person, there are a few different types of records that you can request from the criminal justice department in your county. Depending on what type of crime was committed, the arrest warrant will show the date, time and place of the arrest, the identity of the accused person, and the details of the charges. If the person has had previous criminal convictions, their record will also be compiled.

Criminal record checks on a person are available to both public and private organizations. If you are doing a criminal background check on an individual, you can go directly to the local courthouse in your county and fill out an application to get a copy of the warrant. Most warrant applications are simple, and take no more than five minutes to complete. After completing the application, fingerprints will be taken and sent to the county office for verification. Once you have the information, you’ll receive your report within a week or two.

Another option is to use an online criminal history background service to see if there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest. Some services even offer access to national criminal databases to help satisfy your investigation. For an affordable monthly fee, these online services allow you to run a search on any person. Once you have the information from the search, you can see if there are any warrants out for the person’s arrest, or arrest records.

Sometimes people run into situations where they think that someone may have a warrant out for their arrest. If you encounter this situation, you need to know what to do next. The best thing to do is consult with an experienced defense attorney to determine if there is a warrant out for your person’s arrest. If there is, you must surrender yourself to the authorities immediately and not do anything until the warrant is lifted. You don’t want to be involved in any further legal proceedings as this can damage your record and make it harder to get a job in the future. Having a professional lawyer help you determine whether there is a warrant out for your arrest and then decide what you should do next.