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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(58)St. Johns County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Florida Highway Patrol Troop G - Saint Augustine875 Florida 16St. AugustineFL32084954-583-3111
St. Johns County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Florida School For The Deaf And Blind Police Department207 San Marco AvenueSt. AugustineFL32084
Saint Augustine Beach Police Department2300 A1A SouthSt. AugustineFL32080904-471-3600
Saint Augustine Police Department151 King StreetSt. AugustineFL32084904-825-1070
Saint Johns County Sheriffs Office / Saint Johns County Jail4015 Lewis SpeedwaySt. AugustineFL32084904-824-8304
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The Easiest Way to Lookup Warrant Records

Warrant records are public information in Florida, but what does this mean? Well they are not just public records. They are considered to be public information because they are filed with the State or County that they pertain to. In other words if you were looking for arrest records in St. Johns County Florida and you entered the information into a public record database, you would get the same information as is displayed in your search results.. You could look up one person and get their name and birth date, or you could look up one person and their address and birth date. This is because in Florida there are different records listed for each type of person, for example court records and police records.

Warrant records are filed with the county in which the incident took place, and generally include the people arrested, the crime they committed, their names, and any other pertinent information that can identify them at that time. You should not have to pay for this information. Warrant records are public information available to the public. There are only a few places where you need to go to get this information.

The first place you should look to see if you can get a copy of a warrant is the court house that issued the warrant. This will typically be the county courthouse. You can usually call the courthouse to find out if they have the records available or ask an employee for access to them. It is always a good idea to check the records before you hire someone because you never know who will be an ex-policitor and want to hire them to jail your spouse or go after your business partner. That is why having access to a public record database is so important.

You can also find out the address of the person that was arrested by calling the local police department. Most of these departments will have this information online. There is no reason to pay for information that you can obtain for free. If you suspect that a criminal act has been committed then you should search the police records to obtain the criminal background of the individual.

You can even search the website of the county where the arrest took place to get some basic information. There are a lot of companies that offer online criminal record searches. The only problem is that they all have their own method of retrieving the information. It could take several hours to retrieve the information from one of these websites. It is much more efficient to use an online criminal search service that will actually give you the information that you want.

When looking for a website to perform your warrant records search you need to make sure that you are getting reliable information. There are many sites that say they offer warrant records but in actuality they never do. Those sites that say they do may end up costing you money. If a site says they have the information then it does not matter how many times it comes back as they may not always have the data that you are looking for. Always make sure you are searching with a dependable company.