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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(24)Hardee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hardee County Probation Department417 West Main StreetWauchulaFL33873863-773-9323
Hardee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hardee County Sheriffs Department / Hardee County Jail900 Summit Street EastWauchulaFL33873863-767-9042
Bowling Green Police Department104 Main StreetBowling GreenFL33834863-375-3549
Wauchula Police Department128 South 7th AvenueWauchulaFL33873863-773-3265
Zolfo Springs Police Department104 5th Street EastZolfo SpringsFL33890863-735-1213
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Warrant Records Are an Essential Part of Criminal Background Check Systems

Warrant Records in Hardee County Florida are public documents that contain the name and current address of a person. In some instances these documents can also reveal the location of the person, their birth date, the reasons for their arrest and any other information the police might find interesting. They are basically a list of the most wanted criminals in the area. There are two different types of warrants. One is a civil warrant which means a person has been accused of breaking the law by whatever violation the documents say they were violating.

Warrant Records in Hardee County Florida

The other type of warrant is a criminal warrant. This usually means the person you’re looking up did something illegal which caused them to be arrested. Warrant records are available for any county in Florida. These records will contain the person’s full name and any other relevant information regarding the crime they were arrested for.

You can get these records from the courts or the Sheriff’s Department. These offices will maintain an up to date database of all criminal and civil cases going on in your county. They will also keep the docket numbers of all of the cases so you can do a quick search. You’ll be charged a flat fee for this service, and it is usually very affordable.

You may be able to get a criminal history report without having to pay for a criminal background check. This won’t include any arrest warrants as these are only for criminal matters. You will however have to pay for this service because it will give you all the information on a person. It will show their name, current address, any previous addresses, current employment and any other pertinent information that could lead to them being a criminal.

These records can also be used by other agencies besides law enforcement. Employers will often check to see if there current employees have any warrants out for their arrest. Companies that are looking to hire someone will also use this information. If you are applying to work at a new job, you may be required to go through a background check. Many companies will ask to see this information before they will grant you employment.

The process of obtaining a criminal record of a person is much more involved than a warrant check. There are several other steps that need to be taken. You’ll have to first appear in court to explain your reasons for wanting the records. You then have to sign a form that states that you understand the necessity for the records and that you have a legitimate reason for needing them. These records are not only public, but are also legal documents that are admissible in court. The fact that you are requesting them shows that you have legitimate reasons for wanting them.