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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(190)Litchfield County Police Departments
Connecticut State Police Troop L - Litchfield Resident State Trooper74 West StreetLitchfieldCT06759860-567-8596
Litchfield County Police Departments
Connecticut State Police Troop A - Bridgewater Resident State Trooper132 Hut Hill RoadBridgewaterCT06752860-355-9375
Connecticut State Police Troop A - Roxbury Resident State Trooper29 North StreetRoxburyCT06783860-354-0089
Connecticut State Police Troop B - Norfolk Resident State Trooper14 Shepard RoadNorfolkCT06058860-542-5249
Connecticut State Police Troop B - North Canaan Resident State Trooper100 Pease StreetCanaanCT06018860-824-3145
Connecticut State Police Troop B - Pleasant Valley Resident State TrooperConnecticut 318BarkhamstedCT06063860-379-8782
Connecticut State Police Troop B - Salisbury Resident State Trooper27 Main StreetSalisburyCT06068860-435-2938
Connecticut State Police Troop B Barracks - Headquarters463 Ashley Falls RoadCanaanCT06018860-824-2500
Connecticut State Police Troop L - Bethlehem Resident State Trooper36 Main Street SouthBethlehemCT06751203-266-7405
Connecticut State Police Troop L - Kent Resident State Trooper41 Kent Green BoulevardKentCT06757860-927-3134
Connecticut State Police Troop L - Washington Resident State Trooper2 Bryan Hall PlazaWashingtonCT06794860-868-2100
Connecticut State Police Troop L - Woodbury Resident State Trooper271 Main Street SouthWoodburyCT06798203-263-3400
Connecticut State Police Troop L Barracks - Headquarters452 Bantam RoadLitchfieldCT06759860-626-7900
Connecticut State Police Western District - Headquarters452 Bantam RoadLitchfieldCT06759860-626-7975
Metropolitan District PoliceBeach Rock RoadBarkhamstedCT06063860-379-0916
New Hartford Public Safety Department530 Main StreetNew HartfordCT06057860-379-8621
New Milford Police Department49 Poplar StreetNew MilfordCT06776860-355-3133
Petersburg Police Department702 East Main StreetTorringtonCT06790812-354-6957
Plymouth Police Department80 Main StreetPlymouthCT06786860-582-1444
State Of Connecticut Judicial Marshals15 West StreetLitchfieldCT06759860-567-0844
Thomaston Police Department158 Main StreetThomastonCT06787860-283-4343
Torrington Police Department576 Main StreetTorringtonCT06790860-489-2000
Watertown Police Department195 French StreetWatertownCT06795860-945-5200
Winchester Police Department338 Main StreetWinstedCT06098860-379-2721
Litchfield County Sheriff Department
Litchfield County Sheriff's Office74 West StreetLitchfieldCT06759860-567-8596
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Reasons to Search For Warrant Records

If you are looking for arrest warrant records in Litchfield County, Connecticut, you can conduct your search on the Internet. This safe and secure way to obtain this vital public record is free and easy. Most of the information that you will be retrieving in the search would be criminal background check of an individual. The only downfall with searching online is that you have no guarantee that you are obtaining reliable information. In some cases you may just be wasting your time because you may find nothing at all.

Warrant Records in Litchfield County Connecticut

Before conducting a search, it is imperative that you understand what you are actually searching for. Criminal arrest warrants for instance are public records and they are readily available to the public. However, the information that is available is not guaranteed and you should exercise caution when conducting a search. Conducting a warrant search is basically conducted when a person is arrested for a crime and they then request for the documents in order to prove their innocence.

There are times when a person commits a crime in another state, but the crime was committed in Connecticut. It is then important that if the person has committed a crime outside of Connecticut and you want to search for the warrant, you need to look in Connecticut. Other than that warrant requests can also be made in other states, if the person has moved. But this is still a separate request, and you should make sure that you are not paying for a request that is not valid.

There are several reasons that one might want to access these records. If someone new moves into your neighborhood and you feel as though they may commit a crime, you can perform an online search to see if they have a criminal arrest warrant. In this case you can search all of the records pertaining to that person. However, if you are looking for an arrest warrant, then you will need to make a request in writing to the respective courthouse. It is very important that you write down the information in a neat format, so that you can present it to the police if need be.

There are times when people are involved in a criminal accident. When the injured person goes to the hospital, they will typically be examined by a surgeon. During the examination, a criminal arrest warrant may be discovered. Even though the person is under the care of a surgeon, if they are examined again while being monitored, then that individual could find themselves in jail. To avoid this problem, it is advised that if an accident occurs where no major physical injury occurred, then the injured person should seek medical attention before any interviews are made with law enforcement officials. A criminal arrest warrant can be issued once the person is taken into custody.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a person may want to search for these records. Whether you are involved in an accident, or you are a concerned parent, then you should look into performing an online criminal arrest warrant search to ensure the safety of your children. Whatever the reason, it is important that you do not wait until you get involved in an accident to search for these records. You never know when something bad is going to happen to you or your children, so you have to make sure you are always safe.