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How to Search For Warrant Records

In ouray County, Colorado, Records Management is maintained by the Judicial Clerk Recorder of Weld County. The Clerk’s office will send you a court order or warrant to the address provided on the request form if they feel you have reason to believe a person is in danger of abuse, theft, fraud or violence. If they do, they will require that you go to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office to search for the person and present valid identification. You will then be able to look up the person’s records online or through the courts’ website.

If you are looking for warrants, you will need to contact the Weld County Clerk Recorder of Weld County at the Weld County Records Division to see if the person you are searching for has a warrant out for their arrest. If you cannot locate the records online or through the courts’ website, you may be able to find them through the records of the Colorado State Police or the Wyoming Highway Patrol. You can also look up your own county’s records if you know the name of the person you are looking for. However, these methods may not always yield results. You may have to spend some time, energy and money locating the information you need.

For example, if you are looking for criminal records, you will need the full name and address of the person. Even then, you may still not find all the information you are looking for. The best method is to use an online criminal records search. These searches allow you to search for the person in two different ways, online or over the phone. It only takes a few minutes to complete the search and you will get accurate information.

If you have reason to believe the person you are looking for a warrant for has a warrant out for their arrest, you may want to try an online service that performs a nationwide search. Many of these services offer unlimited searches for a flat one-time fee. If you do not know the person’s first and last names, they will give you a list of possible options for you to search. This allows you to enter all variations of the person’s name and usually you will find the probable cause behind the warrant.

The person’s background may be uncovered through a check of the local police department. You can also search from the comfort of your home by using an Internet based service. Many of these websites let you perform the search right from your computer and you are able to see any warrants for the person in question.

Before running a national or statewide search, it is important to know whether the person you want to track down has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. Some warrants are simply listed as an open warrant. Others are known as a confidential or restricted warrant. To determine whether the person you are searching for has an outstanding warrant, you may need to contact the local law enforcement agency. Although these online services make finding information about warrant records much easier, it is still a good idea to talk to a lawyer just to be on the safe side.