ADP Background Check Review

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ADP is a company that has been around for a long time. With a boatload of experience in its staff team, they have been named on FORTUNE’s list as the “World’s Most Admired Company” for 14 years running.

The background check solution that the team has developed over the years aims to streamline and speed up the employment process of businesses both large and small.

Regardless of the state (or even country) your company is based in, you can receive the top-class background screening service that ADP provides.

In this ADP background check review, we are going to look at the ins and outs of this product/service. We’ll even briefly mention some of the additional products that can make a fully customizable, automatic package for your company.

Ready to find out more? Let’s hop right into the thick of it then!

Who’s It For?



This product is for businesses of any size. ADP offers background checks and other services for all kinds of companies. When you apply for the demo, you can type in the number of employees your business has to ensure you receive the correct solution. The specific products available to you differ depending on your business size (1-49, 50-999, and over 1000).

As far as business sectors go, the people behind ADP have a wealth of experience in most industries. If you are looking for background check software in your specific market, this company will deliver. So far, they specialize in hospitality, construction, manufacturing, financial, retail, health, technical services, education, and non-profit organizations. For those of you who fit into these categories, you’ll get on well with ADP.

We’ve thrown quite a lot of info at you there, so let’s have a quick recap. This background check service is for those of you who:

  • Run small to large business that hires employees
  • Work in the HR department of a small to large business that hires employees
  • Are willing to invest in the best
  • Are ready to automate your employment process

Okay, But Who Isn’t It For?

The advanced software used in this background checking solution isn’t for those who:

  • Do not run a small to large business that hires employees
  • Work in the HR department of a small to large business that hires employees
  • Do not hire enough employees to warrant splashing the cash on an extensive background check system
  • Are not willing to invest in the best or are on a budget

What We Like About The ADP Background Check Service

ADP provides a reliable service that can save you thousands of dollars in employee replacement. While there are other companies like this, ADP has over 30 years of experience in this marketplace and you can tell by the quality of reporting that they provide.

We appreciate the fact that the company offers a full background screening suite. In other words, you can do everything from drug testing to medical screening to integrated global solutions without having to switch between businesses. ADP makes it as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Alongside all of this, you can make use of their other employment tools like ADP applicant tracking systems and recruiting manager. All of these features combined make this company a front runner in our opinion. You can hire and review all your candidates from a super simple portal.

Moreover, we love that you can request a demo. Large background check companies sometimes forget about offering these perks since they believe people are already familiar with the system. But that couldn’t be further from the truth — and ADP knows this.

It’s also incredibly easy to apply for the demo so it’s really a risk-free ordeal!

Of course, what comes up must go down so let’s move onto the part of our ADP background check review where we look at the bits we don’t like. 

What We Do Not Like About The ADP Background Check Service

We can’t deny that ADP is expensive. Generally speaking, background checks are pretty pricey anyway. But adding a boatload of experience to that doesn’t make it any cheaper (although experience is not a bad thing).

Plus, it’s necessary to note that the more integration and products you add to your customized plan with ADP, the more you end up splashing the cash. While that probably goes without saying, it’s rather easy to get swept up in the moment and spend a bunch more than you planned. 

Aside from this, we do have an accuracy issue. However, we have the same issue with all background check services, not just ADP.

People — including those behind the companies conducting background screenings — make mistakes. But these mistakes can cause astronomical problems for candidates (as well as you, the employer). Plus, they are very hard to reverse so the individual may be stuck with a false reputation for a long time, limiting his or her opportunities.
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  • Streamlines and speeds up your time-to-hire process
  • Transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees
  • All information provided is accurate and usable in the employment process
  • The company has more than 30 years of experience


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  • Pretty expensive (although that might not be such an issue for some businesses)
  • No background check can guarantee that it’s 100% accurate



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What’s Included?



Within ADP’s employment background check package, you could receive a wealth of tools and products depending on the size of your business and the lengths to which you’re prepared to go.

Here’s a general overview of what you can expect to find “in the box”:

  • 30 years of experience
  • ADP Screening and Selection Services (the employment background check service itself is dubbed ADP SASS for short)
  • Transparent pricing (expect no hidden fees)
  • Seamless integration with candidate tracking tools
  • Full customization abilities to fit your needs and your industry
  • ADP’s proprietary sourcing methods
  • Integration with your hiring standards and framework

You will also receive the actual reports. Once ADP has helped you through the background screening process the information will be presented to you in an easy-to-digest way.

From what we experienced, the company’s detailed reports include the following information (depending on the products you selected during registration):

  • Verification of the candidate’s social security number
  • Government registry searches
  • Criminal background information
  • License and certification verification
  • Verification of both education and employment
  • Credit reports
  • Medical screening (if desired)
  • Drug testing (if desired)
  • Verification of professional background

Now you have a decent understanding of what’s included, shall we move onto a more in-depth look at the features?

Overview Of The Features

We will begin by taking a peek at a few of ADP’s unique selling points.

Global Screening if Required

Running an international business is stressful, right? But doing it without knowing exactly who you’re employing is even worse. The global screening feature included in ADP’s toolkit can help massively.

Regardless of the size of your business, ADP promises to run background checks in more than 170 countries a year. Reports have noted just how accurate the results are considering the company has fewer worldwide locations than in America. The access-reach is astounding.

Hire Time Reduction

Along with the standard background check features, the products ADP offer helps you automate the hiring process. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of time you spend dealing with candidates and reviewing all the documents.

The company employees people to constantly research individuals in real-time. This allows them to stay updated and take all the stress of you and your hiring process.

The Demo

Background check solutions often neglect to provide a demo or free trial period. This is a mistake in our opinion! Hence why we’ve talked about the demo so much in our review of ADP’s service.

To receive your customized demo is simple — it’s just a case of doing a bit of form-filling! Enter your full name, email, phone number, company name, number of employees, and zip your zipcode. After that, you’ll receive your trial for free!

Seamless Integration

If you’ve used a less-modern background check service recently, you will have probably noticed that it doesn’t offer anything more than reporting. Right?

Well, ADP has included an easy integration function that allows you to connect the interface and reports with your talent acquisition and management tools. The company also sells its own solutions that come integrated with the background check. However, if you’re already using management tools, there’s no need to turn everything on its head.

Okay, now that you know all the important bits and pieces about the ADP background check service (including our opinions on it), should you really use it?

Review Summary

Overall, we believe that ADP is an excellent company to go with for all your background screening needs. Why? Because it offers a bunch of products and tools alongside it that works to streamline your employment process. Ultimately, saving you money and time.

However, it is a large investment (worth it if you ask us!). So, we encourage you to think about your budget before shopping.