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So you or someone you know has become a target to a phone prankster and you want to find out who the culprit is. If it were as easy as just returning the call everyone would be doing it to put an end to this pesky habit but unfortunately in a day and age where cons and scammers go out of their way to block and disguise themselves and the origins of their numbers, finding out who that “unknown number” or “private caller” is gets a little more tricky.

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To get the phone number of a private number or unknown caller from a landline number where you can’t see the incoming number, try hanging up the call and then dialing either *57 which gives you the Trace Call service which should give you the information on WHERE the call came from or try dialing *69 after the call which should give you the Last Call Return service where you call back the number that phoned you, and you can then reference back to your phone bill to establish what the number was.

Sure you can use Facebook to see who the number belongs to if it was just an unknown number that called you, because as we all know the social media platform has a relatively open privacy policy and anyone who has ever linked their number with Facebook can now be reached by a simple search in the home tab.

There are a few other tricks that you can try to try and establish who the caller was and where the call came from:

  1. Whitepages – It’s as simple as an App that you install on your phone that allows your device to become a personal investigator. It reveals the numbers of unknown callers and gives you the option to block certain calls. It’s a great tool and has some amazing features, although it might not come up with results 100% of the time and in instances where you get bugged on your landline, this isn’t going to help you much.
  2. Peoplesmart – Another online service where you can enter either the number that called you or the Name of the person that called or an email address. This will give you a result of who owns that number and where the call was coming from. Again you can only use this service when and if you already have the number of the caller, and need more info on them.
  3. PhoneDetective – This is perhaps the number 1 selling service and has virtually every U.S phone number in its database. Simple to use and accurate.
Do A Free Reverse-Phone Lookup Here

If those options don’t work you can always sign up for a reverse phone lookup service. There are numerous services online that state they are free but the information that will show up there can be found on any search engine. You need the services of a genuine paid service that offer in depth reports.

This will cost you a subscription fee on a monthly basis but these service providers are extremely diligent and act as personal private investigators. They track and trace each and every incoming call on your phone and can give you details such as Names, Addresses and other phone numbers linked to that person.


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