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where to place outdoor camera

So you’ve kitted yourself out with some high tech security cameras and you’re just about ready to have them installed. Before you can do this however, you need to determine WHERE you are going to place them.

You need to ask yourself where you and your family feel that you need security cameras, what are the most vulnerable spots on your property? If your property has entrances that are somewhat obscured, it could be especially appealing for burglars to wangle their way in through there with less risk of being spotted. At the end of the day, you alone know your home best, so you should be able to point out its weak spots.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the location for your cameras, we recommend that the following spots be on top of the “to cover” list:

1. The Front Door

A whopping 35% of burglaries happen via entry through the front door, so the first point of placement would definitely be the entry way into your home. A good height is about at a second floor level, so the thieves can’t reach up to the camera’s level. Also make sure that your camera either has a super durable housing, or make one yourself from materials such as mesh, to avoid it getting hit with items such as rocks and sticks.

2. The Back Door

Yip you guessed it, just about the same amount (22%) of burglaries happen by entrance through the back door. Essentially, you should arm all of your doors with a security camera, as this is often the first attempt at entering a property. Make sure that your chosen cameras are weather and waterproof to protect it against the elements, and you also want something that’s got night vision.

3. Off-Street Windows

What burglar in his right mind would enter through a window that faces the street when he could just go behind the house and intrude where no one else can see him? Covering the windows in the back of your yard is a necessity, and something that could help you keep a watchful eye where the public cannot.

4. The Back Yard

The backyard is something often garnished in easy to pick items such as garden tools and kid’s toys, so it’s easy for burglars to just hop on in and grab what they want before scooting out before even “breaking” an entering. Make sure you cover the side gate of a fenced garden as well.

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5. The Basement Stairs

Burglars love those tiny little windows that lets them crawl through and gain access to your basement, and their next move would be coming up the stairs to enter your home. Make sure you have this area covered.

6. The Garage

Another cream of the crop spot burglars like to go to first is the garage. It’s not part of your home so the chances of them getting caught there are significantly less, unless you already have a camera installed in there.

The cameras of today come in shapes and sizes that make it super easy to place them just about anywhere and even conceal them if you wish to do so. Most of them also have the ability of sending feed straight to your PC or smartphone, which makes monitoring the activity as easy as a click of a button.

All you need to do is make sure that they are being optimized and that you’re using them to their full abilities. As long as you’ve got these basic spots covered, your home should be under a watchful eye.


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