How Long Does Walmart Background Check Take?

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Have you applied for a job at Walmart, one of the biggest retail corporations in the U.S? With numerous entry-level jobs, you have a solid chance of getting a job. When it comes to background checks, this procedure is integral to the hiring process. So, let’s see how long it’ll take.

On average, Walmart hires a third party to conduct its background checks, which can take anything from three to thirty days. Of course, that depends on the role you’ve applied for, the findings of the background report, and the level of background screening Walmart runs.

For instance, personal and criminal background checks are usually done in a week. Otherwise, you might wait thirty days for an FBI check.

Who Runs Walmart Background Checks?

As we’ve mentioned, Walmart allocates this job to a third party; that’d be The checking agency has US OneSEARCH databases with more than 650 million criminal records! And it collects its data from “county courts, state administrative Office of the courts, state departments of corrections and many more.”

How Long Do Walmart Background Checks Take?

There’s no set timeline that applies to all cases, as the period can range from three to thirty days. After all, particular jobs require a more thorough screening process than others. For example, an FBI check can take up to thirty days. However, most Walmart jobs don’t need it. Instead, their background checks might take a week, more or less.

Another factor that may cause a hold-up is the background check’s findings. For example, if an applicant has a criminal history, their report may require more time than others. Either way, we recommend that you reach out to the hiring manager if it’s been over seven days since the submission of your background check form.

Why Does Walmart Conduct Background Checks?


Walmart performs background checks on all job applicants and even employees to maintain the safety of its customers and its reputation as one of America’s leading retail stores. This way, its customers are less likely to sue it for negligent hiring.

It’s worth mentioning that Walmart is in support of the ban-the-box initiative, which calls for the criminal record category to be removed from job applications. This way, ex-convicts and people with criminal records have more chances of acceptance and aren’t immediately disqualified. And, indeed, that section was removed from job applications.

Still, that doesn’t mean a criminal record won’t affect an applicant’s hiring choice. After all, your interviewer might ask you about your criminal history when they make you a conditional offer. Then, the company will get the checking firm to run a background check and verify it. Accordingly, they’re slightly more likely to be hired at Walmart.

Does Walmart Hire People With Criminal Records?

Yes, Walmart may hire applicants with a felony, but it also depends on the case and nature of the offense. While the company has employees with criminal records, it has rejected applicants because of their background checks.

As a supporter of the Ban-the-Box initiative, Walmart doesn’t immediately disqualify applicants because of their criminal histories. However, background screening is a factor that helps the company evaluate how fit an applicant is for the job.

In other words, Walmart’s hiring manager might consider if and how the offense or felony will affect your capability to do the job. If your background check is used as a reason to reject your application, Walmart is obliged to provide you with a written explanation of its reasoning and a copy of the background check concerned.

What Does Walmart Look For in a Background Check?


Walmart performs different types of background checks depending on the positions applicants apply for. It’ll ensure the information you provide matches the background check’s findings and consider the nature of any offenses. Here’s what the company might ask for:

1. Identity Verification

Make sure the information in your application is accurate to solidify Walmart’s trust in you. After all, identity verification is the step where the information you provide is confirmed, whether that’s your name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), or else.

2. Criminal Records

This background check pertains to registered criminal activity in federal and state databases within the last seven years. Older charges and expunged ones shouldn’t be on the background check report. With those exceptions, the report will show:

  • Convictions
  • Pending charges
  • Fines
  • Misdemeanors
  • Financial/Larceny offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • History of arrests
  • History of domestic violence
  • Illegal immigration to the U.S

3. Sex Offender Registry

Sex crimes are reasons for disqualifications, and they’re shown in pre-employment background checks.

4. Past Employment and Educational Background

You must be honest about your previous jobs and education because Walmart may look at school records. It might also check with past employers to confirm your position, employer’s identity, and work duration.

The company seeks to know if you’ve worked in the location or for Walmart or another employer in the industry. There are other questions it’ll want answers to. For instance, are you currently employed? Have you applied for a second job within thirty days?

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we can’t give a one-size-fits-all answer to how long Walmart background checks take. Several factors impact that process, such as the position you apply for, the findings of the background check, and the type of screening Walmart conducts.

Walmart can give you the result of your background check in anything from three to thirty days, but it’s more common for it to take about a week. If it’s been over seven days, you can follow up with the hiring manager. Finally, we wish you all the luck in your hiring process!