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Technology has simplified just about everything we know. You can now do anything from shopping to working online. As such the dating game’s playing field just got larger and has thousands of hopefuls trying their luck at finding romance through the help of an online service.

Unfortunately it has become easy for hackers and scammers to make online dating sites their number one source of targets. They will often give you misleading information in the hopes of getting a real live date with you and turn out to be everything your mother warned you against, or in worse cases they’ll try and scam you into giving them money.

In an article posted on www.cade-aced.ca they list some great tips on how to spot a scammer and avoid them altogether. The information they list is quite straight forward and these should learned and made part of your game plan when you try the online dating game.

You should read all about their tips and in depth explanations but here are some of the top picks they list.

* If the picture looks too good to be true then it probably is.
* If the person can’t spell proper English then you should get out of there immediately
* If he doesn’t want to get on a webcam and chat to you, he probably doesn’t look anything like his picture and he’s trying to hide away.
* Scammers won’t waste their time on paid sites, so to protect yourself keep to the paid services which give you added security and a better chance of meeting someone decent.

There’s another site that gives a great in depth article about spotting fakers online. They give you red flag alert tips and tell you when it’s time to hit the road and get out of there.

Some of their best tips include:

* Your prospective online date sends you links to unknown URL’s to “check out their other profiles”
* Celebrity look-a-likes really aren’t going to send you a heartfelt message if he or she doesn’t know you on a personal level, scammers will try just about anything.
* If they are asking for any personal details, report and block them as they might just be looking for info they need on crimes such as identity theft.

Read the full article here: http://www.datemypet.com/fake_online_profile

While the world of online dating might be relatively young, we should still be applying the age old rules of engagement to the scenario. If you don’t feel right about that person then there’s a reason behind it. Frauds and cons are everywhere and seem to be especially targeting innocent singles on the web just looking for a chance at love.

Life isn’t fair so we can’t expect something as inventive as online dating to be true and fair but we should arm ourselves with the know-how to be able to send those scammers on their way.

The golden rule here is:

Use a well-known service that you have paid for in order to find someone who matches with you. Once you have found them actually READ their profile and always try and find out as much about them as you can before sharing any personal information with them.

Stranger danger isn’t just an alarm tone.


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