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Secret Spy Cameras for Dating

The words hidden camera and dating really don’t mesh that well together but sometimes there are reasons you want to record a date, such as capturing hard evidence that someone is cheating, or that he or she has sinister plans that you need to capture on footage. Long gone are the days where pinhole cameras were only destined for spy movies, these guys have become really great versatile tools we can use to get some concrete evidence.

Before you head out to buy one though, there are a few basic requirements your camera needs to meet before you can trust its capabilities such as:

  • Kudos if it has a DVR – which means it back up data directly to an internal memory card so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable info.
  • Continuous recording modes and scheduled recording modes are great to have as this will allow you to capture only what you want to see.
  • You want a variety of recording options such as being able to capture still images or high speed footage.
  • Your hidden camera definitely needs to be small and well disguised; you really don’t want anyone noticing the fact that you are wearing a recording device.

That being said, here are a few of our favorite super-secret hidden cameras that are ideal for wearing during a first date:

1. BrickHouse Security HD Water Resistant Spy Watch

This one is great for the guys, sorry girls but a bulky looking watch definitely isn’t going to do it for you. This smart looking sport style watch packs a punch and records at 1.3MP, 1280 x 960 Video Resolution. Despite the fact that it’s a hidden camera that captures video, audio and still images, it’s actually a fully functional wrist watch as well.

It has an internal memory of 4GB which gives you more than enough space to record valuable information and the fact that it can record up to 140 minutes of video just makes it that much more attractive.

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2. BrickHouse Security Keychain Hidden Camera

This nifty little camera is the perfect watchful eye and can conveniently be placed right on a table in full view without looking suspicious. It delivers 720 x 480 video resolutions and captures JPEG images as well as AVI format audio. The fact that it can run for 90 minutes at a time means you’ll have enough time to get the facts on tape and once the battery is dead you can simply recharge the Lithium Ion battery.

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3. Swann HD Pen Cam

Even though it is one of the most widely known disguises for cameras, most people still won’t suspect a thing if you’re carrying a pen on you during a date, that’s what keeps the trusty old Pen Cam at the top competitors among secret spy cameras. This model records color AVI videos and has a recording resolution of 1280 x 720. It’s JPEG images are captured at a 1600 x 1200 resolution and the fact that you can easily toggle between video and photo mode just makes it that much cooler.

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Whether it’s your first date that you want to capture in order to review it later or it’s an important meeting that you would like to have recorded as a backup for later on, a spy camera is always a clever little tool to get the job done.

Just remember that there are rules and regulations regarding the use of spy cameras and whatever you record without a person’s consent can’t necessarily be used against them, but it’s still great to have your own form of reference in hard evidence.

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