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There are dating websites and then there are Dating Websites. See the difference? Not really? A little touch of professionalism, a little added customer service and a little extra piece of mind. In a world where there are literally thousands of dating websites, all claiming to be better than the next, where does one head for the best and safest experience?

There are a few requirements that have to be met in order to ensure the dating website is safe and secure and you’re not going to clash head on with internet scammers.

Here are key points to look for:

  • Privacy Policy

The website should be protecting your personal information. They also shouldn’t be selling your email address to third parties and they should most definitely be screening their users before accepting them into the community.

  • Copyright

If they have a copyright date older than the current year then pass on over to the next option, this site might be free for all and welcoming to anyone who opts in to join.

  • Overall Appearance

Do yourself a favor and browse around the site. If you keep seeing annoying add banners or poorly designed areas of the sight it might be reason for doubt. A site that is well managed (and manages its user information well) most certainly won’t have horrible design aspects.

  • Browse what’s on offer

Take a look at the singles on the site. If they appear too good to be true ten chances are they really are! Plenty of dating sites use this bait to lure in new members just to get their ratings up and extend the member count of their online communities.

With that out of the way, here are some of the most popular and safest dating websites out there:

  • com

    • This highly popular dating websites has literally millions of members and claims that it’s the leader in the industry with successfully bringing together people. They claim to have the highest number of relationships, friendships and marriages resulting from their services than any other service when compared.
    • match.com
  • E Harmony

    • This site specializes in matching singles based on the key dimensions of compatibility such as character, intellect and moral values. They assist you in finding the perfect match and have a lot of guidelines for you to follow in the world of online dating.
    • eharmony.co.uk
  • J Date

    • If you’re Jewish and looking at finding a comfort zone within the dating website world, then this is your retreat. It’s the internet biggest Jewish dating network and promises value for money experiences.
    • jdate.com
  • Christian Connection

    • It’s the largest and longest running subscription e-dating website in the UK and it’s aimed at bringing together Christians hoping to find love online. With a long running history and highly recommended feedback from happy “customers” this seems like the top website to head to if you want to find like-minded people hoping to strike it lucky online.
    • christianconnection.com
  • Zoosk

    • Originating from Facebook routes, this social network designed for finding love has members from all across the globe paying for good service and the hope of finding romance online.
    • zoosk.com
  • Dating Direct

    • This site recently merged with the giant Meetic to bring the world a dating platform with roughly 20 million users from across Europe.
    • datingdirect.com

These are out top picks of some of the safest and most popular dating websites out there but if you follow our advice on what to look for in a good dating website then you should be able to differentiate between exceptional and the one’s we’d rather not talk about.

With the world of online dating going viral and being one of the most popular ways that singles choose to meet strangers it comes as no surprise that there are thousands upon thousands of websites trying to fit in with the craze but it’s essential that you know when you’ve found a good one and when you should close the tab and move to the next window I your search for love online.


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