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We’ve all heard the hype about running a background check on someone and if you work for a medium size company you’ll know exactly how important they are and what an integral part of the pre-employment process background checks have become.

What you might not have pondered about is how important it is that you know the outcome of reports drawn with your name in the title.

While it might seem silly at first, doing a background check on yourself could save you some embarrassing moments and keeps your record looking great as you can twig the outcomes by improving yourself in specific areas. Here are some reasons you need to do a background check on yourself:

Verifying your credit history:

You might find inaccuracies or even a record of bad debt that may or may not be truthful. When employers/financial institutions do a background check on you this will most certainly be part of the report and let’s face it… No one likes to see that someone has bad debt, it makes them come across as unreliable.

Ensuring you get that home loan:

We all know how tedious and time consuming home loan applications can be. Being turned down by financial institutions is a major issue, but what’s worse is finding out that they have background reports on you that you didn’t think would apply. Make sure you know all the information about yourself that’s readily available to these companies and correct issues before applying.

Making sure your identity is safe:

Let’s be honest, in a world filled to the brim with internet cons your identity is always at stake. It’s a great idea to run a background check roughly twice a year to make sure that no accounts have been registered in your name and worse; no felonies have been reported against you.

Landing that perfect job:

If you are applying for a new position you have to be aware that the company will most probably be doing a routine background check. It’s always safer to know exactly what they will be looking at and making sure that your information online matches with the details you provided them with.

Making sure you aren’t already married:

We live in a creepy world where green cards and visas have become so hard to get by that con artists will often times get a way to “legally marry” you without you ever having met them. This can land you in a world of pain when it comes to credit checks, home loans and even worse, when you already have someone that you intend to marry and love for the rest of your life.

Doing some digging on your personal information really isn’t a big thing these days and one can never be too safe when it comes to information that’s available to the public. Be sure of your stats so that you’ll never be stuck in an embarrassing situation. Misinterpreted and false information are part of the system and it’s your job to make sure that what the web says about you is in fact the truth.


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