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The state of West Virginia provides free access to public records of the state. The Ohio County office of the State Court maintains statewide public records of arrests, convictions, and more. Residents of Ohio County can search for these records using last names, street addresses, city, and county, as well as specific details of the offender. In 2017, there were 202 cases of juvenile delinquency reported in the county, 24% of which were delinquencies and 71% of which were dependency cases.

The State of Ohio County’s court system consists of four types of courts: Circuit Courts, Magistrate Courts, Family Courts, and Muncipal Courts. Additionally, there is a Legislative Claims Commission. Below are the locations of these four types of court locations. When available, we’ve included links to free public records when available. This way, you can get a complete picture of a person’s life history without having to pay for the services yourself.

In addition to these court systems, Ohio County is home to several court records, including marriage and divorce records. The Circuit Clerk manages the divorce and marriage records. The County Clerk generates birth and death records. You can view these records online for free, or in person when the records are available. However, there are a few other public records in Ohio County, which you can look up for free. Just check the links below to see what’s available.

Ohio County Courts: If you’re interested in a person’s past, you can look up their vital records to find out more about their life history. This includes marriage and divorce records. The Circuit Clerk maintains these records. The county clerk is responsible for the birth and death records. The Vital Registration Office in the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is also an important resource for getting information about someone’s life history.

Public records in Ohio County are important for personal information and property data. For example, you can search for divorce records in the Ohio County Circuit Court. These are the official records of the county and are updated regularly. To find a person’s vital records, you can search for their last name, birth date, and other details. It is easy to search for vital records in Ohio County. You can also find out about someone’s criminal record.

If you’re looking for a person’s vital records, you’ll want to look for their Ohio County court records. These include divorce records and marriage records. The Circuit Clerk maintains the divorce records and issues birth and death records. You can also check the details of a deceased person’s civil case by searching the public court’s website. If you’re not certain of who the offender is, you can use the Ohio County Circuit Clerk’s information to determine the facts of their life.