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How to Find Public Records in Fairfax County Virginia

If you’re in the Fairfax area, you can search for public records about a specific person’s history. By using the Fairfax Circuit Court’s online database, you can find information about people from the county’s history. This website also has a map and contact information. The county’s Courthouse is located at the heart of Alexandria, Virginia, and is home to three different records offices. Each of these offices holds a variety of public records, so finding an individual’s history isn’t difficult.

Upon request, you can get copies of Fairfax County court records. The County’s historic record center is the location to visit to get these records. This location houses the county’s public records that date back to 1742. However, you can only get copies of the documents that were created before 1913. You must be physically present to request the records. If you’re unable to appear in person, you can mail the documents in advance to avoid long lines.

The county’s Courthouse has many records on people. District Court records are stored there, and can be obtained by visiting their offsite facility. The Offsite Record Center, located at 4500 University Drive in Fairfax, houses some older court records and some records that are no longer current. The office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you have an emergency, you can visit the county’s Public Records office at 201 College Avenue, Suite 500.

If you are researching your ancestry, genealogy, or family history, you may be interested in the Fairfax County arrest records. These records provide details on criminal incidents, warrant information, and personal data of the person arrested. Although these records are kept by the arresting agency, they do not usually contain information regarding prosecution or disposition of the crime. If you’re looking for the details on an individual, Fairfax is the place to go.

The county’s criminal records are held by the CJIS Division of the Virginia State Police. A name-based check can provide only conviction information, while fingerprint cards provide arrest/charge data. Interested parties can obtain the information they need by visiting the CJIS website and completing a simple online interface. The fee for this service varies, ranging from $13 to $27. If you’re interested in finding a specific person’s background, the county’s Lost Records Localities Database is an excellent place to start.

The county’s public records are also available to the public. In addition to arrest records, the county’s property records are also accessible. The custodian’s office can provide copies of the public record for a fee, and there are other ways to obtain these records. For instance, if you’re looking for a marriage certificate, you can search for the information online. These records are public, but they are not always the same as the police’s case files.