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Public Records in Choctaw County Oklahoma

If you’re looking for public records in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, there are several different options you have. There are marriage records, divorce records, court records, and property records. And, if you’re looking for someone’s military discharge records, you’ll find them here. If you’re unable to access them, the county has a public library that you can visit for the information you need.

The Choctaw County Treasurer is an elected official whose duties are set by state law. The Treasurer’s main responsibility is to collect and disburse local and state taxes, as well as to manage property and funds. In addition to collecting tax money, the Choctaw County Treasurer also oversees the property purchased at real estate sales each year. If a homeowner defaults on their taxes, the Treasurer’s office may sell the property with approval of the Board of Commissioners.

You can get a copy of a deed, mortgage, or other real estate document by visiting the county clerk’s office in Hugo. The clerk’s office is located at 301 South 1st Street, which is the center of the county’s government. You can visit the Choctaw County Genealogical Society in Hugo for more information. The county was formed by merging parts of Cedar, Jackson, Lamar, and Towson counties.

The Treasurer is responsible for balancing tax collections monthly and year-to-date. Once a tax is delinquent, it is certified to the Choctaw County Treasurer for collection. Once the taxes are paid, they are placed as liens on real estate accounts. The Treasurer does not determine the amount of any tax. The Treasurer’s office is also responsible for the management of property purchased at real estate sales. With the approval of the Board of County Commissioners, the Treasurer may sell the property to offset the tax.

It is important to make sure that all deeds are signed properly and that they contain both the names of the grantor and the grantee. The signatures of the grantors should be legible and readable. Besides, the document should be written in English, be in black ink, and be printed on white paper. The size of the paper should not exceed 8.5 x 14 inches.

You can search Choctaw County Oklahoma’s Treasurer’s office to find deeds and other real estate records. The Treasurer’s office balances tax collections monthly and year-to-date. The treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes from the assessors and disbursing them throughout the county. The Treasurer’s office is the official custodian of all funds in the county.