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Public Records in Yates County New York

For information on the history of Yates County, New York, it is imperative to know its public records. These records include vital records, marriage licenses, tax, and payroll records, and are held by the county courthouse and the state’s office of vital statistics. If you are interested in researching your family history, you can access these records using the NYGenWeb Archives. These archives are comprised of thousands of original records.

To search for these records, you should start by searching for the county’s Recorder of Deeds. The office is located in Penn Yan and is a centralized location where you can find property and land records. These records are maintained for continuity purposes. You can also look up the highway department’s bids and results. You can also look up genealogy records, including cemeteries and obituaries, as well as tax maps and town histories.

If you are interested in local history, you should visit the Yates County Office of Public History. There, you will find historical and genealogical records, as well as the sex offender registry. You can also search for civil, military, and naturalization records. The county’s court directory offers links to local resources. You can also check the Offender Watch to register for email alerts. If you’re looking for a specific person’s name, you can search for it by ZIP code.

The office of public history in Yates County has a variety of historical and genealogical records. It also has a sex offender registry. You can also search for traffic accident reports by the date, name, and last name. The county’s highway department maintains records on property taxes. If you are interested in your family’s history, you can look up obituaries, cemetery, and cemetery information.

You can find many public records in Yates County. If you want to search a specific person, you can use the county’s sex offender registry to find out if he or she was involved in an alleged crime. Alternatively, you can check out a specific person’s criminal history by looking for an address in a city. It’s important to know the local history of Yates County before you apply for access.

Public records in Yates County are available to anyone. In addition to the district and county courts, you can also search for public court case files. The state of New York is part of the federal government. Consequently, you can get information about the past in this county. If you are searching for a local criminal history, you can find a person’s criminal history by using this resource. There is a form that can be printed and submitted to the court.