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How to Search Public Records in Chemung County New York

The Department of State releases comprehensive crime reports each year, and Chemung County is no different. As of 2018, the Chemung County Police Department recorded 134 violent crimes, and 1,304 property crimes. These statistics include 3 murders, 87 aggravated assaults, and 107 motor vehicle thefts. In addition, you can view birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, as well as other important information.

The Chemung County Clerks Office maintains public records and provides public access to these records. Other responsibilities of the office include supporting the local election process. The Clerks’ duties are regulated by state and county statutes, as well as by charters and laws. These documents are the basis for the court’s decisions. However, you can find a vast amount of information on a person’s past in the county by searching public records.

Criminal Records and Warrants: The New York Department of Corrections maintains jail records and inmate information. The State Division of Criminal Justice Services provides access to public registry of sex offenders. The Chemung County Library is a great resource for genealogy records and family histories. Several resources include Federal Census images and indexes from 1790 to the present. Some resources require a library card.

The Chemung County Clerk’s office keeps many different types of records, including court cases, criminal activity, and federal tax liens. The clerk’s office processes over 1,000 pages of document information daily. You can search these records by using the street address or tax id. The Department of Public Information and Records also maintains records on state and county level. The offices of the County Executive and the Board of Health provide access to the public’s documents.

If you are looking for criminal records, it’s easy to find them online. The Chemung County Legislature has meetings every month since 2007. Additionally, the New York Department of Corrections maintains inmate and jail records. In addition, the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services maintains a public registry of sex offenders. You can also visit the Chemung County Library to find more information on your family history.

The Chemung County Clerk’s office holds many legal documents, including civil actions, which can be of great value. You can also access court records by attending a meeting of the Chemung County Legislature. Whether you are looking for a criminal record, a criminal history or a land record, the Clerk’s office will be able to assist you. You can access all of these files in just minutes.

Criminal histories in Chemung County are public records. You can get them from the office of the county clerk. Inmate records include closed and open cases. If you want to know about a criminal’s background, you can visit the county jail. The Office of the Sheriff’s Office will process your search request. Inmate search requests are available for the Southport Correctional Facility and Elmira Correctional Facility.