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How to Find Public Records in Grant County, New Mexico

Finding Public Records in Grant County is easy. The New Mexico State Archives and Records Center offers a variety of free resources to help you locate important records. The county clerk’s office is located at 1400 Highway 180 East in Silver City. There is an online public records index at the clerk’s office, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. You can also find marriage indexes for 1909 and 1910 online, or search for a military discharge record at the State Record Center and Archives.

Public Records in Grant County are held at the Office of the County Clerk. Vital certificates, which can include names, addresses, and birth and death dates, are available from 1880 to the present. There is a fee to access these records, which may be a barrier to people with limited income or to those with certain ancestry. To get access to vital certificates, you must meet the strict requirements of the Office of the County Clerk.

The Grant County Clerk’s Office holds marriage, birth, and death records for the county. You can search these records to find out the details of a marriage, divorce, or other vital event. This office also has information on military discharges, mortgages, powers of attorney, and miscellaneous affidada. The 6th District Court Clerk’s office has general jurisdiction, jury trials, and birth and death records from 1920 to the present.

The office maintains vital records for the county. The Clerk’s office determines the number of indexing entries required for any document. The Office also maintains marriage and death records in Grant County. You can search these records in two ways. Those who want to look up a specific person should visit the office in person to obtain the information they need. The Clerk’s office has many records that will help you find a person’s past.

You can also look for a birth and death record in Grant County. The clerk’s office has marriage records from 1868 to present. You can find military discharges from the county court. You can also find military discharges and mortgages in the county. Finally, the clerk of the 6th District Court has general jurisdiction and jury trials in Grant County. Further, the birth and death records are available from 1921 to the present.

Vital records are available from the Office of the County Clerk in Grant County. The office maintains marriage and death certificates for the county. You can also look for military discharges and other records in the clerk’s office. The office also maintains the state’s vital records from 1880 to present. Aside from birth and death certificates, you can look up a person’s marriage certificate at the local courthouse.