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Public Records in Greene County Mississippi

The Office of the Chancery Clerk in Greene County, Mississippi, maintains vital records such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. You can obtain these documents from the Office of the Chancery Clerk. These documents are typically hard copies. You can also search public court records in this county. The county website contains links to these records. You can also search for public court cases in the area by name. For more information, see the Mississippi Court Records page.

There are four courts in Greene County, Mississippi. With an estimated population of 14,400, and a total area of 713 square miles, this county has one court for every three,450 people and 178 square miles. This makes Greene County, MS the 32nd largest county in Courts per capita. However, the number of courts per square mile in the county is only 67. Despite this low population, the county has four courthouses. These include the state and federal courts, district and superior courts, and family courts.

The county’s courthouses are also important places to look for public records. The Chancery Clerk’s office is the place where interested individuals can obtain certified copies of all public records. The Mississippi State Department of Health provides vital records. A copy of these records can be very valuable to anyone. In addition, there are three other Mississippi counties within the area. This makes it easier to find what you need if you need to know about a particular person.

If you need to check public records in Greene County, MS, you can visit the County Courthouse Museum on the fourth floor. This museum houses the Greene County Historical Society and preserves the history of the county. These are open for research on Monday through Friday. The Chancery Clerk is another place where interested individuals can obtain certified copies of all public records. This office also maintains vital records. The MSDH will be able to provide these records for you.

If you are interested in the public record of a particular person, you can visit the Chancery Clerk’s office in Greene County, MS. The office is located on the 4th floor of the County Courthouse in Leakesville, MS. It is open on Monday through Friday. In addition to the Chancery Clerk, you can also visit the Greene County Historical Society and other agencies. They are open during regular business hours.

The Chancery Clerk’s office in Greene County has a lot of information on the public records of the county. It is the office for recording several types of documents. For example, mortgages and deeds are primary records. The Clerk also maintains indexes of liens, military discharges, and other important documents. These records are available to the public at all times in the courthouses.