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To obtain birth and death records, you will need to visit the local county health department. The Department of Health handles filing and distribution of vital records. You will need to visit one of these offices in order to obtain a copy of a person’s records. Both of these offices have online resources that you can use. The office that is responsible for marriage licenses is the Forrest County Circuit Clerk. There are two (2) state departments responsible for vital records in Mississippi. These offices are located in Hattiesburg and Jackson. The Chancery Clerk’s office and the Vital Records Department maintain a list of offices that maintain such records.

Forrest County, MS court records are available in many forms. You can view criminal and civil records, as well as jail and property records. These documents can help you determine who is in the county and how much money they owe. They will also help you find out what sort of crimes are being committed in the county. If you are searching for birth and death records, you will want to visit the Chancery Clerk’s Office.

Forrest County Court Records are the best place to access information about a person. You can get the name, date of birth, and other details of any court case filed in Forrest County. The County Court Clerk’s office maintains these records and you can request copies of these documents from them. However, it is important to know that these records are not sealed and can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can also get access to the Vital Records of all marriages, births, and deaths in the county. Forrest’s Chancery Clerk’s Office is located in Hattiesburg, and the State Department of Health has offices in Jackson and Hattiesburg.

Forrest County is a historic county in Mississippi that was formed in 1908. It was named after Confederate general Nathan B. Forrest. The county seat is Hattiesburg. The county has a total area of 470 square miles and four square miles of water. It borders Jones to the northeast, Perry to the east, Stone to the south, and Lamar to the west. It is partially home to the De Soto National Forest.

The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for law enforcement services in the county. The public can search open criminal records online by name or parcel id. Forrest County Police department can also provide details about arrests and warrants. The Department of Justice has an electronic database of Forrest criminal records and it is free of charge. You can search for these public documents at the county clerk’s office. The information in Forrest County will help you to make an informed decision about your future.