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Public Records in DeSoto County Mississippi

If you’re looking for information regarding someone living in DeSoto County, Mississippi, you can easily find the records you need using public records databases online. You can also visit websites for the State of Mississippi and other cities in the state to find public records. You can also access courthouse databases in the state, including the Desoto County Court Directory. This site has links to court records, legal research, and self-help resources. If you’re looking for property information in DeSoto, you can search for a property’s name, a parcel map number, or a person’s birth and death dates.

You can find public records in DeSoto County Mississippi from the Circuit Court and the Chancery Court. The Circuit Court has general jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases with a value of over $200k, while the Chancery Court hears cases related to equity, guardianship, and domestic matters. You can also find information about zoning regulations and building inspections on the DeSoto County Clerk’s website. You can also find information about businesses in the area by checking the business license database. The website has information on business names and issuance numbers.

There are also other documents available in the county. For example, the DeSoto County Circuit Court is located in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court District, while the Chancery Court is in the Third Chancery District of the state. This court has general jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases with a value over $200k. The Chancery Court hears special court cases, such as probate cases, equity, and guardianship. Other counties in the county include Municipal Courts, and there are five other courthouses throughout the county. The Clerk of the Circuit is responsible for maintaining and updating the records, including the case files, dockets, and other related documents.

Public Records in DeSoto County Mississippi include birth, criminal, and business records. You can obtain these records at local courthouses or online by searching the public records database. Some of these documents are available for free, while others can be costly or difficult to obtain. Regardless of your reason, you can always access public records in DeSoto County Mississippi. You can find out anything you need to know about someone by using the Mississippi Electronic Courts System.

You can also access the court records in DeSoto County by visiting the circuit court. The Clerk of Circuit Court keeps court records of the deSoto Circuit Court, which includes all cases filed before 1854. Municipal courts maintain judgments. The MEC system makes it easy to search for these documents. If you need to know a person’s history, you can get a copy of their criminal record. You can also find marriage and divorce records.