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Searching Public Records in Clay County Minnesota

The Public Records in Clay County Minnesota include the following types of information: vital records, property and mortgage records, marriage licenses, military discharges, and court dockets. The links below will take you to third-party websites, where you can find more information. While most of the links are broken, our editorial staff monitors the content to make sure it’s current and accurate. If you run into any problems, contact our customer service team and we’ll fix the problem right away.

The Clay County Recorder’s Office offers research services on a limited basis at its location. While you’re there, you can use their public computer to search the birth and death record indexes for free. However, you’ll have to pay a fee of $20 per hour, with a minimum of $10. In addition, the office also offers complete marriage and death records indexes. The county’s website also allows you to access the Court Records System for free. You don’t need special software to access the records.

The Clay County Recorder’s Office also provides limited research services at its location, which includes the use of a public computer. The office also provides birth, death, and marriage records indexes. However, this service is only available during regular business hours, and you must be prepared to pay $20 per hour. If you have a large number of questions, you can always visit the county recorder’s website. The site also features additional resources for searching the public records in Clay County.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the investigative division of the Department of Public Safety, manages an online database where you can search for public records in Clay County. You can find out a criminal record by searching the criminal’s name and birth date. To obtain a copy of a court record, you must provide a notarized consent form signed by the record owner. The cost is $15. You can search for a person’s public records for free through a county court.

There are a few other options for searching public records in Clay County. The Clay County Recorder’s Office also offers small research services at its office. It has a public computer and can provide birth indexes from 1935 to the present. To obtain a criminal record, you must pay a fee of $15 at the office. Besides the fees, you must submit a notarized consent form signed by the record owner.

Besides the court and marriage records, you can also lookup vital records in Clay County. The Recorder’s Office has access to the birth index and other public records. These services are free of charge but you will have to pay for the research services. These services can be helpful in researching a person’s family history and background. You can also use them to find a criminal history in a town. Further resources include city and topic pages.