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Public Records in Benton County, MN

If you’re looking to search for your ancestry, family history, or genealogy, the county of Benton, Minnesota, can help. The County Recorder’s office in Foley houses birth, marriage, and death records dating back to 1870. For land and property records, you’ll find a vast collection of documents. You can also learn about the people in your life by visiting the courthouse.

The Register of Deeds in Benton County is the official record of land transfers. Those interested in learning more about the history of your community can request abstracts of land records from the courthouse. You can also view Benton County’s local history, which may include biographies, school, and government information. If you’re looking for information on the Civil War, you can learn about the men from Benton County who served in various regiments. Many of these men were from the local area, so you can search for their names and last known addresses.

The Benton County Courthouse in Foley, MN holds the original jurisdiction over all cases in the county. You can view the calendar of scheduled courtroom hearings and cases handled each day by accessing the court’s website. This calendar does not include confidential cases and other cases that are not accessible remotely. However, you can search for the name of the attorney to find their name and any other details you may want to know.

Besides court records, you can also find out about your loved one’s past in the County Court Administrator’s Office. It processes different types of cases, collects court fees, and notifies judges and juries of hearing dates. The Recorder’s Office indexes and maintains legal documents related to real estate. They accept military discharges and issue copies of state tax liens and birth, marriage, and death records.

If you want to look up your ancestors in Benton County, you should be able to do so online. The courthouse’s online calendar shows all cases handled in the county, including criminal and civil cases. You can also access a county’s records by searching the name of the attorney and the case. You can search for a person’s legal history by using the names of his or her attorneys.

Birth and death certificates can be obtained from the Benton County Recorder’s office. In addition to registering criminal arrests, the office also records notary signatures. If you want to search for the record of a marriage, you should check out the county’s website, but you should be aware of any limitations. If you want to look up the name of a deceased person, you should check out the records for the deceased.