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Where to Find Public Records in Sumner County, KS

There are many sources where you can find public records in Sumner County, Kansas. The courthouses are located in the towns of Argonia, Belle Plaine, Caldwell, Conway Springs, and Oxford. The supreme court of the state is located in the state capital, and the area is part of the 10th federal circuit court. The population of this small county is about 23,272 and it’s 0.9 square miles.

The courthouse in Sumner County, KS serves as the Freedom of Information Office for the county. The Freedom of Information Officer assists the public and government agencies. He also assists in disputes concerning the open records act and consults with legal counsel. Most public records are protected by the Kansas Open Records Act. You can use this law to request access to those records. To access these records, you must have the name of the person you’re interested in.

You can also find criminal and civil records in Sumner County, KS. These records may also contain information about traffic tickets, arrests, and other court cases. This information is available in digital form and can be accessed at any time by providing the person’s name, DOB, and address. The county website also offers online access to court documents. Using this service, you can quickly look up the criminal history of a person by name, date of birth, and more.

Sumner County, Kansas has many public records. If you’re looking for a marriage license, divorce, or child custody case, you can find it all through this website. You can find court documents and other public information in Sumner County, KS, using the following search engine. You can also locate other court documents and other public information on the Sumner County, Kansas, by typing their name in the search field.

The Sumner County, KS website contains a wealth of information. You can find out information about a property owner by name, address, parcel number, or a variety of other data. You can also get a copy of a marriage license if the other person is married in the county. Besides this, you can also find out about the property owner’s criminal records. You can even find out about property taxes and the value of a home.

In addition to the county clerk, there are other offices that help you find public records. The county’s Freedom of Information Officer is a professional who assists members of the public agencies with their requests. The Office of the Freedom of Information Officer can also assist you with disputes concerning the open records act, and consult with legal counsel. In Sumner County, KS, the County Clerk serves as the local Freedom of Information Officer.