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Searching Public Records in Perry County, Indiana

If you are interested in genealogy, family history, or ancestry, you can search for public records in the county of Perry, Indiana. You can find marriage and land records from 1813 to the present in the office of the county clerk. Birth and death records can be found at the health department, and you can request copies of the documents from the Indiana State Division of Vital Records. A convenience fee is charged for these services.

There are several sources for public records in Perry County. The library is a good place to start. There are several online resources for searching birth and death records, obituaries, marriage and delinquent tax sales. You will need a library card to access some of these resources. You can also find information on delinquent taxes in the county and inmate records, which can be searched by name or number. The public library also has yearly property sales data.

Another source of information is the county’s department of local government finance, which maintains statewide records on property assessments. Searching for an address in a county’s courthouse will yield results including the street address, parcel number, owner, legal description, and assessment date. Some of the records you may find are also in print, such as obituaries and newspapers. Probate court proceedings can also be found in newspapers. In addition to birth and death records, a person can look for a delinquent tax sale.

The Perry County public library offers genealogy records and obituaries. The library requires a valid library card in order to access these records. There are also marriage and death certificates and delinquent tax sales. The Perry County commission meeting minutes can be searched for property details, including photos. When searching for local histories, you can also access biographies, church and government history, and even military information. So, you can easily access the public records in Perry County and find out what your ancestors are up to.

You can also look up the yearly property sales records and police and sheriff’s records. You can also access the obituaries for the deceased. Using a public library’s genealogy and land record databases is an excellent way to trace a family’s history. Whether you are looking for birth and death records, the county library is a great resource for these types of searches. If you are looking for a job, it is possible to find them here.

In addition to the courthouse, you can also find various kinds of records. The census and land records can provide information about your ancestors’ residence in a particular county. These records can also tell you where they came from and where they were born. The census and land records can also be helpful in finding ancestors. Moreover, you can access the courthouse’s records if you are a member of a genealogical society in the state.