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Public Records in Kalawao County, Hawaii

The State of Hawaii is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is the 50th state in the Union, with a population of around 1.3 million people. The economy of Hawaii is based on agriculture and tourism, and the islands are home to 5 counties and one city. Kalawao County is the smallest county in the U.S., but it contains many important records. You can look up inmate information, property records, mortgages, and liens to find out about people in the area.

The Clerk of Court is an important administrative office in Hawaii’s judicial system. She maintains all court records and processes court orders. In the early days, the court clerks were appointed for seven years, but now they’re elected for four years. As the official record keeper for the courts, the Clerk of the County keeps records for all types of crime. These records can be found under the categories of property crime and violent crime.

The Kalawao County Clerk is the only official place to look up in the state of Hawaii to obtain public records. They process civil actions and criminal felonies. To obtain these records, you’ll need to visit their office, located at South High Street in Wailuku. You’ll need to provide an ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID. You can also submit a written request.

To find public records in Kalawao County, visit the office during office hours from 8am to 4pm HST Monday through Friday. You’ll need a photo ID and a valid mail address. It is a good idea to take multiple copies of all important files, including a marriage license or birth certificate. Having multiple copies of a document will ensure the files are protected and allow for statistical analysis.

In addition to the Kalawao County Clerk of Court, there are other places to access criminal history records. You can find felony and misdemeanor criminal conviction records from the Hawaii State Intermediate Court of Appeals, and you can also get driving records from the Hawaii Traffic Violations Bureau. Having a background check can be helpful if you’re applying for a job or are concerned about someone’s past.

To get a copy of a criminal record, you can visit the office in person or make a request through the mail. The clerk’s office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm HST. To obtain a copy of a criminal record, bring your photo ID with you. The information you receive from the county’s office will be available for 90 days. Once you’ve received your copy, you can print it and save the file for future reference.