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Public Records in Lee County Alabama

If you are looking for public records in Lee County, Alabama, you have come to the right place. This site offers a variety of information related to this county. From property and mortgage records to marriage and divorce records, you can easily find any information you are looking for. Besides, you can also find information on voter registration and business licenses. The links above will take you to third-party websites where you can find more detailed information on any subject.

If you are looking for criminal records, you can find them in Lee County, Alabama through the Circuit Clerk’s Office. The Lee County Sex Offender Registry has a list of all registered sex offenders in the county. You can search for a specific person by name or by location, and you can register for an email alert to receive notifications when a sex offender registers in your area.

There are many places where you can obtain criminal records in Lee County, including the jail and prison. The Alabama Department of Corrections has a database of inmates in the county. You can search by name, or you can use the individual’s AINS number to find a prison record. There are also public court records, such as case and administrative records, available for anyone to access. The state’s Department of Justice is another source for criminal records.

The probate office in Lee County, Alabama has a comprehensive database of sex offenders in the county. You can search by name, city, and email address. If you want to search for someone in the county, you can check the Alabama Sex Offender Registry. It’s free and easy to do! You can also register for an email update if you’re interested in receiving updates about an offender.

The Lee County Circuit Clerk’s website has records on inmates in the county. You can search for inmates in the county by entering the person’s name or their Alabama Institutional Serial number. The court system is comprised of a Circuit Court, District Court, Probate Court, and two Municipal Courts. You can request criminal court records in Lee County by filling out a request form. Be sure to include the case number, defendant’s name, and the fee. You will be charged 25 cents per copy. This request can take up to seven days to process.

The public records in Lee County, Alabama are maintained by administrators. The probate office offers business licenses, marriage licenses, and other essential services. The county sheriff can provide arrest and court reports. Various law enforcement agencies in the county have public and private databases that contain criminal information. A public record can be obtained with the help of the relevant agency. Its contents vary widely, but a simple search will help you find information you need.