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Public Records in Bibb County Alabama

Bibb County, Alabama court records include civil, criminal, and family court records. You can also search Bibb County, AL voter registration and payroll records. These documents provide information on civil and criminal cases. Besides these, you can also find Bibb County, AL census information summary and a variety of other types of governmental data. The following are some of the public records you can find in BIBB County, AL.

Probate courts in Bibb County handle various records. The probate court handles disputes for up to $25,000 in Bibb County and up to $45,000 in Richmond County. You can also find birth and death certificates in Bibb County at a local or state-run recorder’s office. To get birth and death certificates, go to the County Clerk’s Office. You can also visit Macon and BIBB Public Libraries.

Bibb County Birth and Death Records are kept by county administrators. The probate office is responsible for marriage licenses, business licenses, vehicle titles, and other vital records. Many of the records sought by individuals are kept by Alabama county departments. The recorder in every 67 counties can provide copies and originals of home ownership certificates, official certificates, and police reports. These records are available for BIBB by property address.

If you need more detailed records, you can visit Bibb County Probate Court. If the matter involved was a divorce, then the Probate Court has jurisdiction over the dispute. You can also access the records by visiting Bibb County Clerk’s Office. These offices may also contain local and state-run information. For example, you can view BIBB property maps and search the county court.

You can also access BIBB County Probate Court. The Probate Court presides over disputes up to $25,000 in Bibb County and $45,000 in Richmond County. Other public records you can access in BIBB are found at the BIBB Clerk’s Offices. You can find these records by using the above navigation. You can also access BIBB property searches, which can be useful if you are trying to figure out who owns the home.

BIBB County Probate Court is the place to start your search for public records. This court handles disputes involving $25,000 or more in Bibb County and $45,000 in Richmond County. You can also check Bibb County vital records offices. They may be run by the state, local, or even private government offices. The website provides information about vital records in BIBB. You can browse them by property address.

There are 17 different types of court records in BIBB County. The BIBB Probate Court holds court records for a variety of purposes. There are marriage records, birth and death records, and marriage licenses. You can access divorce and marriage records for BIBB. You can also view information about public notices and judicial proceedings. In BIBB, you can access a lot of information.