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The people search engine PeopleSmart has been around since 2007 and offers several low-priced monthly plans. To obtain additional information, you need to pay for account upgrades.

I found PeopleSmart to be a good value for the money. An added bonus with this service is that you can use it for free and get a fair amount of basic and useful information on the person you are researching.

As with any service, there are pluses and minuses. Continue reading for my full review of PeopleSmart.


Service name: PeopleSmart

Services offered: People search, identity protection, background verification, archived information

Service started: 2007

Pricing: $19.95/month (month-to-month plan), $14.95/month (3-month plan), or $9.95/month (6- month plan). PRO Memberships cost $49.95/month, single public records reports cost $29.95.

Rating: 75 out of 100.

Recommended? Yes

What does PeopleSmart offer?

PeopleSmart is best known as a people search service that operates by aggregating public information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, court records, newspaper and online notices, etc. The service is actually one of at least four different foci of Inflection, LLC, a Nevada-based company, with the other three services being Identity.com (personal identity protection), GoodHire (employee background checks) and Archives.com (genealogy and family archives).

With the PeopleSmart services you get the following records:

  • Contact information (name, approximate age)
  • Address(es)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Public records (bankruptcies, divorces)
  • Court records (felonies, tax liens)
  • Other public records (news releases, DBA filings)

How easy is it to use PeopleSmart?

I found PeopleSmart fairly intuitive to use. Furthermore, the site itself is spread out and divided into simple blue and green colors. It’s not difficult progressing between windows and delving into information on the website. Also, PeopleSmart saves all your search reports, so you can access them at a later date.

You can also test out PeopleSmart completely free. At the site’s home page, you just need to input the full name and location of the person you are searching. PeopleSmart then pulls up a lot of useful- and free- contact information on the person you are searching.


When I first signed up with PeopleSmart, I was offered an IdentitySmart 7-day trial, which I refused.


From there, I was send back to the home page of the site, where I began to use the site’s people search service.

I only needed to type in the first and last name of my person and their city and state. Once I did this, I was provided with several candidates that might fit my person of interest. There are large green buttons to the right of each person that say “That’s the one.” They can be clicked easily, at which point you are taken to a separate page complete with that person’s name, approximate age, birth month and date, phone number(s), current and past addresses, and relatives.

At this point, you can stop your search and use the information that has been provided to you. Otherwise, you can email your person of interest- while their full email address is not shown, you can click on the email link and see a significant portion of that address.

The PeopleSmart account page is laid out very well and offers five different sections, namely account settings, order history, credits, membership options, and customer support.


Another item that I counted as fundamental to PeopleSmart’s ease-of-use was its emails to me once I’d signed up for the service. My first email clearly noted what I had purchased, and how long that service was good for (i.e., one month basic plan at $19.95).

In my second welcome email, I was introduced to PeopleSmart and its various offerings (and some of its upsells).

How accurate is PeopleSmart?

Many of PeopleSmart’s search results were accurate when I searched on myself and several other people that I know very well.

There were some inaccuracies, however. When I read my own report, I saw that PeopleSmart had not input my correct phone number. In fact, I wasn’t sure where that phone number had originated from. My other information, including my dozen or so email addresses, were correct. I found the email information rather impressive, especially because I do not always use my real name in my emails.

When I searched on someone else I knew very well, I received all his correct current and former phone and address information. Curiously, PeopleSmart listed this person’s old phone number and address as his current ones. The two provided emails (of which I could see only the first letter and the portion after the ‘@’) were correct.

I searched on two additional individuals I knew very well. In the first person’s case, everything in his contact information came up correct, except that PeopleSmart again list his old phone number and address as current. In the second person’s case, everything in his profile was current.

How is PeopleSmart’s pricing?

PeopleSmart offers three different pricing plans for its basic membership, each of which depends on the membership time frame. The one-month plan is priced at $19.95/month, the three-month plan is priced at $14.95/month, and the six-month plan is priced at $9.95/month. There currently is no trial offer being promoted.


When compared to other people search services, the basic PeopleSmart pricing is low; you pay anywhere from $10-$20/month depending on the time frame of your membership.

However, for that low price, you receive only certain information from PeopleSmart, including name, birth month and date, addresses, phone numbers and possible relatives. You do not receive court or other public records- even if your basic search results notify you that there is a court or other record available.


To obtain these extra public records, you must upgrade your account to a PRO Membership account. The price for the PRO Membership is $49.95/month. Alternately, you can pay a one-time fee of $29.95 to obtain complete public records on one person.


PeopleSmart also offers credits that you can purchase and then spend to obtain complete public records. Currently, the price for 300, 500 and 1500 credits is $39.95, $49.95 and $99.95, respectively.

Credits enable you to purchase individual services from PeopleSmart; for example, you can use 150 credits to purchase a full background report, or 50 credits to purchase work information or a phone number report. Credits expire 30 days after purchase.


How easy is it to cancel PeopleSmart?

As with any people search service I review, I always look at how easy it is to actually cancel the service. PeopleSmart had charged me $19.95 to sign up for the plan, which was a lot more money than what I’ve been paying to try out other people search services.

Luckily, PeopleSmart provides clear directions on how to cancel a trial or other membership plan in its Help Center. In essence, you go to your online account and cancel your service(s) there.


Interestingly, when I went to my account and then selected “Membership” and “Cancel Membership,” I received a tempting offer to continue my basic membership plan at only $4.95/month.


However, I’d only signed up to PeopleSmart in order to review it, so I continued with my membership cancellation.

I immediately received an email confirmation of my cancellation from PeopleSmart. I also found out that I could continue using the service until the end of my membership term.

While I do intend to check my credit card for any follow-up charges, I am fairly certain that PeopleSmart will not do anything unexpected, especially since I cancelled very early in my membership plan.

Would I recommend PeopleSmart?

Overall, I found PeopleSmart to be fairly accurate with its provided information, and the service’s prices are in line with (and in many cases far below) those of other people search engines.

As mentioned previously, you can use PeopleSmart to find a lot of useful information for free. In this respect at least, PeopleSmart is similar to the Spokeo people search service.

To obtain extremely detailed public records, such as court or financial records, you will be paying extra. For some people, the additional charges can be a bit frustrating; however, you do get additional services too. For example, if your complete report locates records that aren’t available in a digital format, PeopleSmart will use its Court Runner service to retrieve paper copies for you.


An additional benefit with PeopleSmart is it will notify you if any new information has appeared on your old (and saved) search reports. Thus, you will have continually updated records on the people you’ve already researched.

One item I wish I’d seen emphasized more via PeopleSmart is social media. With many individuals now located on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it would’ve been nice to see PeopleSmart reporting social media profiles either in its basic or PRO Membership plan.

In summary, I would recommend PeopleSmart to someone looking for a basic to comprehensive people search service.


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