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Verispy is a people background research service that offers information on a person’s arrests and warrants, court filings, marriages/divorces, properties/assets, and basic personal identifiers like date of birth and physical location.

Additionally, and for an extra fee, you can generate in-depth reports that provide information via a person’s phone number, VIN or license plate.

Let’s go into more depth with this Verispy review.

Service name: Verispy

Services offered: Background check including date of birth, address, criminal/court records, social media profiles, and an optional license plate/VIN check.

Service stared: The domain was registered in 2002 and was extensively developed in 2015.


There are two different subscription plans: the $29.95/month and the $24.95/week plans. You can purchase individual background reports for $19.95.

Rating: 55 out of 100.

Recommended? Yes


When you access the site, you are asked to input the full name and state of the person you are searching. After this step, Verispy shows you its basic search results (i.e., candidates organized by age and cities) and asks you to confirm which person which you are actually searching for.


Once you select the most likely candidate, you are provided with three pricing options: a monthly access plan for $29.95, a weekly access plan for $24.95, or a single report access for $19.95.


In order to fully review this product, I purchased the one week unlimited access subscription for $24.95. This is the screen I saw when I first accessed the search site:


Given the screen shot shown above, it appears that you can obtain very specific information on a person regarding their criminal, property, court, driving or asset records, or their sex offender status, simply by inputting their full name and state of residence.

You may also focus on one particular aspect of the person you are searching, such as their property records, by clicking on the information you are searching for in the left hand column and then inputting that person’s full name and state.

Verispy also offers a premium search menu that allows you to conduct reverse phone and VIN searches. This is useful if you don’t know the full name of the person- or only have a specific piece of information about them. The premium search option also gives you one full background check on one person per month with your paid weekly or monthly plan.

Verispy typically provides results within a few seconds of your search. However, when the information cannot be immediately located information (e.g., property records), the site notifies you that your query has been forwarded to a search expert who will be contacting you within 48 hours.

How easy is it to use Verispy?

Verispy is fairly easy to use as long as you have the full name of the person you are searching on and can provide their state(s) of residence. The site has a good amount of redundancy and enables you search on a person by either inputting the information through the site’s web form, or by first clicking on the left hand tab for your desired information and then inputting the person’s full name and state.

You can also check the person’s email or phone number by inputting this information first and then obtaining their full name and state. This function is useful if you don’t have the correct spelling of the person’s full name or don’t know their exact state of residence.

What you may not be immediately aware of is that your premium search menu enables you to download only one full background check on a single person each month. If you’re not aware of this limitation, you may squander your search.

To obtain another full background report, you will need to pay either $19.95 for a single background check or $29.95 for a comprehensive background check (which includes aliases, bankruptcies, relatives and associates, and criminal records). Barring that, you’ll have to wait one month until you can use the premium search option again.

How accurate is Verispy?

When using Verispy to search for someone via their full name and state(s) of residence, you can locate very specific information regarding that person’s date of birth and current/past addresses. For example, when I searched on myself using my full name and current state of residence, I was able to locate my current age and last two in-state addresses. Searching for one of my friends, I was able to locate a detailed history of her last five residences, and even some of her out-of-state addresses.

Verispy is not as forthcoming with court records, however, and will often state that nothing can be located or the information has been blocked. The service will, however, locate the appropriate in-state database and direct you to it so that you can search there.

Verispy’s premium search option enables you to search on a person’s license plate and VIN. I haven’t seen this kind of information offered by other database aggregators, so I tried finding information on a few license plate numbers I knew. I didn’t locate any information from my searches, but I also suspect that the information would only include publicly available records of traffic tickets or impounds. 


How is Verispy’s pricing?

Verispy is very reasonable with its pricing structure. The single report cost of $19.95 is on par with what many other data aggregators charge. The best deal is the $29.95 one month unlimited access plan, which is currently advertised at a 50% savings off of its usual price.

One of the unadvertised benefits of Verispy is its free one full background report per month. Priced on its own, this report would cost at least $19.95.

When you initiate a search that would cost you additional money, Verispy warns you that you need to pay an additional fee. There are no surprise charges when using this service.

How easy is it to cancel Verispy?

You can cancel your Verispy membership by going to the Contact Us area and inputting your request there. When you are finished sending your request, the site notifies you that an expert will look it over and reach out to you within 48 hours.

After I sent an email through Verispy about cancelling my one week subscription plan, I received the following reply back from Sharon T. in Customer Support after about four hours:

“I was able to reference your order and would like to inform you that the product you have purchased does not offer any reoccurring monthly subscription based billing. You will not be rebilled for this order.

Your initial “Report Access” fee will grant you access to whatever report/reports option you have selected prior to purchase.

Please note that your credit card or your Paypal account is not charged automatically each time you conduct a new search.

You never need to contact us to cancel/deactivate membership as your membership will automatically deactivate when your access pass expires.”

Interestingly, Verispy is one of the few people search engines that does not sign you up for an automatic renewal plan when you purchase a weekly or monthly subscription. This prevents you from being unnecessarily charged in case you forget to cancel.

Would I recommend Verispy?

Overall, I found Verispy simple and easy to use and would recommend it to someone looking for basic information on different individuals. I could see Verispy being really useful for an employer hoping to quickly verify critical information on different job applicants. Likewise, I could see someone using this service to find out more information about different dates or even casual acquaintances.

Verispy features a good amount of redundancy in its search areas. This redundancy enabled me to quickly locate information on a person’s address or court records or some other piece of information.

The price of the Verispy’s services is fair. Unlike other people search engines, Verispy didn’t continually ask me to pay an additional charge to access a small detail of someone’s report.

The only exception to this rule was in the premium search area. Here, once I used up my one free monthly report, I was notified of having to pay for a second report.



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