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We’ve all heard about the revolutionary world of online dating. We’ve heard the good and yes we’ve heard the bad. There seems to be a worldwide discussion about this increasingly popular form of networking and perhaps meeting the love of your life.

Sometimes we need to fall back on our gut instincts and trust what our heart and head obviously agree on.

In a funny and eye opening blog post Renee talks about how she instinctively knew not to go on a date with a guy she had met online. He had however been very persistent and she eventually budged into having dinner with him. It turned out to be a disaster of note with the man insulting her and at the end of the date asking her to marry him. You can read her story here: http://www.inmiy.com/your-gut-instinct-is-usually-right/

Then there’s a wild and quite frankly heart breaking tale about Rob Williams from New York who met a girl online, met up with her for dinner and drinks and as the night came to an end they ended up falling for each other and truly being in love. It went so far that he moved half way around the world with his new love to China.

Sadly their wild romance did not make it but it’s one of those stories that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy as leaves you believing that true love really can be found through an internet connection. Read Rob’s story here: http://www.nerve.com/true-stories/moved-china-girl-just-met

There are also the funny stories such as those from J.L Scott that sees a woman almost deliberately making an ass out of herself on dates she picks up on the internet. She would go out on dates after meeting guys online and then get absolutely smashed by drinking way too much alcohol.

She elaborates on how she wants to know if a guy can handle her at her worst behavior. Read her story here: http://www.nerve.com/true-stories/note-drunk-date . We don’t always know what we are getting into when we budge and agree to meet our online love interests in person and most people will run at the first sight of someone looking a little “off”. In this case she used a great defense mechanism to filter out who was really worth their weight.

There’s also this girl that calls herself Tinderella. She meets guys on the dating website Tinder, then goes out with them, comes back and blogs about it. All her stories are real and entertaining but I had to mention this one: http://tinderellanyc.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/the-new-years-eve-tinder/ where her New Year ’s Eve party wasn’t all that it had promised to be and she tried to find a way out.

She decided to meet up with a guy she had met online, only problem was that she had too many vodkas and it was already 2 AM. She goes on about not remembering much, but that he was decent enough not to try and kiss her. She had genuinely met a decent guy and the fact that she hadn’t planned this through meant that she could have potentially screwed up a great opportunity.

There are thousands of really good and terribly horrifying stories about online dating that turned out to be more or much less than anticipated. All in all if you maintain a good level of personal security and always research and get to know the people that you intend to meet, the world of online dating can deliver with more than you ever expected from it.



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