Natrona County Wyoming Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Natrona County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Natrona County Clerk115 North Center StreetCasperWY82601307-235-9266
Edgerton Town Hall935 Cottonwood StreetEdgertonWY82635307-437-6763
Evansville Clerk235 Curtis StreetEvansvilleWY82636307-235-1282
Evansville Town Hall235 Curtis StreetEvansvilleWY82636307-234-6530
Midwest Town Hall531 Peake StreetMidwestWY82643307-437-6513
Natrona County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Natrona County Clerk Marriage Applications
Natrona County Clerk Website
Natrona County Clerk of District Court Department Naturalization Records
Natrona County Divorce Certificates
Natrona County Government County Records
Natrona County Library Database
Married Couples 15,486 (47.0%)
Unmarried Couples 2,600 (3.3%)
Never Married Men 10,078 (31.0%)
Never Married Women 7,637 (23.9%)
Separated Men 326 (1.0%)
Separated Women 524 (1.6%)
Widowed Men 848 (2.6%)
Widowed Women 2,937 (9.2%)
Divorced Men 4,721 (14.5%)
Divorced Women 4,856 (15.2%)

Marriage Records In Wyoming – What You Need To Know

You can find marriage records in Natrona county Wyoming easily. The best place to begin your search is at the Vital Records website, but there are many others. Most cities and towns have some sort of central database for these records. If you live in Natrona county and need records of a marriage, you can search from the county records website. You may also be able to access records from other cities/towns within the county.

Once you locate your records, you should review them to make sure they are accurate. If you have any questions about a record, you should visit the county offices for more information. Marriage records are public, so you should expect to see the names of the bride and groom, their parents’ names, and the marriage license. You may also see the birth records, if the couple was born within this time frame. You may also find other information if the individuals were married. You will be able to see the names of the witnesses, and the reason for their attendance at the wedding.

To do an online search, visit the Wyoming State Office of Vital Records and search their marriage records website. This website is accessible to residents of the state through the Internet. It is not free, but it is fast and easy to use. The office offers online registration, which allows you to access the records you wish, within minutes. If you do not know the information needed to perform an online search, contact the office and they will be glad to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Some other options to obtain marriage records in Natrona County are in the courthouses. The City of Cody has public marriage records as well as those of Cody and Spokane. The Searches are usually free but sometimes require an extra fee. You can also request a search through the courts. The courts may require a small fee, but it typically includes access to the courthouses of all counties in the state. These searches are faster and easier to do than searches through the Vital Records Office.

If you do not have these records, you can conduct a search of the current information by using one of the many commercial databases available on the Internet. Many commercial databases will have both public and private records for you to search. Some have up-to-date and complete information. Others only have information that is near to current. However, you can obtain a complete and up-to-date report for a very reasonable cost. These online search sites usually have a small membership fee, which allows you to conduct unlimited searches.

Marriage records in Natrona County can help you find out more about your past and locate your loved ones. You can also research family members who may be out of contact or who you would like to contact now. A simple search of marriage records in Natrona County can help you track down your past and locate your family members, great grandchildren, or other relatives. This information is also helpful if you are searching for genealogy or past history. You can also use this information to check the marriage history of your intended bride or groom.

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