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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Lincoln County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Lincoln County ClerkPO Box 497HamlinWV25523304-824-7887
Hamlin Town Hall220 Main StreetHamlinWV25523304-824-5500
West Hamlin Town Hall6649 Guyan StreetWest HamlinWV25571304-824-3055
Lincoln County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Lincoln County Divorce Certificates
Lincoln County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples4,257 (52.9%)
Unmarried Couples261 (1.2%)
Never Married Men2,616 (30.7%)
Never Married Women1,856 (21.3%)
Separated Men158 (1.9%)
Separated Women83 (1.0%)
Widowed Men372 (4.4%)
Widowed Women1,255 (14.4%)
Divorced Men1,004 (11.8%)
Divorced Women1,095 (12.6%)

How To Search For Marriage Records in Lincoln County West Virginia

For a state that prides itself on its history, the marriage records in Lincoln County are some of the most detailed and complete in the entire country. The fact that these records are maintained for such an important historical period is significant. These records help us understand the dynamics of the times in which we live today and what factors influenced the way people married and divorced. They also tell us how these marriages were evaluated at the time and why certain couples chose to end their relationships rather than fight over it in courtrooms.

The marriage records in Lincoln County are maintained in the county’s Record Office of Probate, which is led by the Clerk of Court with the assistance of staff and interns. These records are retrieved, scanned, and uploaded into a central record database that can be accessed by anyone who requests it. Because of the high quality of the documentation included in these records and the vast amount of information they provide, the online access provided by the online records service was created.

State laws mandate that marriage records must be kept by the individual or the party to the records and no one else. Private parties are also allowed to access these records to check on the status of someone’s marriage or divorce proceedings, but the information cannot be shared without the expressed permission of the involved parties. This is also why you will notice that the online version does not have the records of civil unions. These are considered as records of the legal union rather than the actual marriage.

In cases when you need to search for information about a specific person’s records, you can either go to the office directly or make use of an online commercial record service. If you’re looking up someone’s record like their name, location of marriage and date of birth, you’ll be required to enter some basic personal information. There’s no need to worry though because the data you provide is completely secure. It’s also cross-checked with other public records databases to make sure that all details are correct.

Like all public records, marriage records in West Virginia are maintained in different parts of the state. The first official record of such records was filed in the Washburn Record Office in 1800. Since then, different courts have kept archived copies in their respective offices. These records have been processed by different staffs until they’re finally available for retrieval.

In cases when you want to access marriage records in Lincoln’s County, you can either visit the records office in the aforementioned place or make use of an online commercial record retrieval service. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The most cost-effective and convenient way to search for marriage records in Lincoln’s County is to make use of a professional commercial record retrieval service. These services allow you to access the necessary data, within a matter of minutes. The information you’ll get will include the person’s full legal name, date of birth, place of marriage and even his or her Social Security number. It’s thus highly accurate.